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Hike a Bike - Spoiler(2 posts)

Hike a Bike - Spoilerjose_Tex_mex
Jul 14, 2003 3:36 PM
So what do you think today's stage will be known as? "The Pass on the Grass?" or "Hike a Bike."

Also, was that a tubular that came off of Belloki's bike? I am not sure if I was looking at a shadow. However, it looked as if a tubular came unglued.

Hope Belloki is okay. He had guts and tenacity. Didn't deserve today.
re: Hike a Bike - Spoilerrussw19
Jul 14, 2003 7:27 PM
Yes, Beloki rolled his tire today. The tar on the road was slick because it was starting to melt. Beloki locked up his rear wheel in the corner before the crash, skidded... slid on the slick tar, then his tire grabbed pavement, threw him to the other side, where his tire rolled and blew, and then he went down.

On hot days on long mountain decents, it is not uncommon to roll a tubular.. the heat generated from the brakes can melt the glue on the tire and it will lose it's grip on the tire. Add that to the violent way Beloki's bike got thrown across the road, and you can see why his tire let go.

And it is a shame.. I hate seeing a rider go out like that. I am not sure he was a real threat to Armstrong, but he surely would have finished in the top ten.

The other thing that sucked about that crash is that Jorg Jaksche lost a lot of time while he waited for Beloki to get back up. He may well have sacrificed his chances of finishing in the top ten waiting for Beloki. But I guess when your team leader hits the deck, you wait.. I think Saiz should have sent him on. According to cyclingnews Saiz said he knew Beloki was done as soon as he saw him. He broke his leg, a finger, and his elbow in that fall, which very well may end his season.