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drop dead fred-bad movie even worse century(1 post)

drop dead fred-bad movie even worse centuryandy02
Jul 14, 2003 7:30 AM
My wife and I decoded to go with a friend and do the "hell" ride in MI. It seemed like an ok ride to start, I guess. It looked like a sprint tri, a lot of people out just to make it home. I have never figured out why someone would do something like this without training. The course was ok for MI roads (the worst roads in any non third world) but they did have some sections of scary pot holes and gravel. The course was not a full 100 due to someone apparently dying on the course from a heart attack. They had to close the road for hours....I am not sure why. They should have sent out cars to find riders and fill them in about the change of course but they didn't. We were told to follow the other short route in reverse to get to the next food stop but that was harder then it sounds because you had to look down every road to find a painted fork. The biggest problem on the ride were people acting like it was a closed course! No wonder people get mad about cyclist they were all in the middle of the road!! And why when you are having trouble would you not get in a pace line!! We had 15-20mph winds and you would see people hurting all riding side by side! It was clear that they need to be a little better prepared for problems and put up more keep to the right signs! Lunch was good and we made good time, 86 miles in 5 hours including 30 min for lunch and getting lost twice.