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Run Down(4 posts)

Run DownS-U-B
Jul 12, 2003 8:36 PM
well, i haven't posted in a while since i had taken a couple months mostly off the bike. decided to get back on today and start training again when a teammate and myself were run down by a trailer towing pickup truck that didn't bother to stop afterwards. Basically sideswiped us with his trailer and send us both flying into the ditch. Both ended up with some pretty good road rash and I have a fractured elbow, still to be determined how serious on monday when I see an ortho. I jumped up immediately, checked on my friend and stopped the next car who immediatly chased the truck and got the lisence plate number. to make a long story short. SOMEONES GOIN TO JAIL!! my friend stayed laying along the road with his head spinning and i hammered down the road hoping to catch the guy if the motorist could get him to stop with no luck but bought a car back to pick up my friend since his bike was unridable. Surprisingly both bikes came out of it mostly unscathed, his bars were bent beyond repair but I only had a minor scrach on my baby. Lucky for us there were some great people that witnessed the whole thing and made sure we were ok and that the guy would be caught. be careful out there.

any police report yet?filtersweep
Jul 13, 2003 4:31 AM
I'd jump on a police report- with all the new privacy laws, just having a license plate number doesn't mean all that much these days... even with a witness.
any police report yet?S-U-B
Jul 13, 2003 8:11 PM
police report was done right away, and by the time the CHP got there, they had already tracked the plate number to a town an hour away. The officer said he had everything he needed and it should be no problem finding the guy and convicting. The guy is just lucky I didn't track him down afterwards, cause I would have beat the life out of him even with my broken arm. feeling much better today though.
Me too....johnrg
Jul 13, 2003 6:15 AM
Last friday I was hit by a Porsche turning into a parking lot as I was in the bike lane. I was broadsided and knocked into the sidewalk and sustained a broken l2 vertibrae. Lucky for me the driver was found to be at fault and police report is filed. Being out of commission and losing all muscle tone and conditioning really sucks and I'm will be seeking a fair and just compensation once I recover.