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I could use help with another fit question....(2 posts)

I could use help with another fit question....bent_spoke
Jul 12, 2003 6:15 AM
When I got my new bike 2.5 years ago, I replaced the 11cm stem with a 9 cm with 5 degree rise. I felt a bit over extended on the larger stem and the 9cm I feels fine. However, I've been thinking that with more riding experience that I should possible consider a longer reach to get a better riding position. According to estimates from the WrenchScience site, I should have a longer reach than I have set up. So I picked up a similar stem (5 degree) at 11cm. Just sitting on my bike in the garage, it doesn't feel right. I think the actual problem is that the longer stem puts too much weight forward which makes me feel unbalanced as I go from the upright position in the saddle to the bars & back. I was wondering if this indicates the 11cm is too long or not? Should I try a 10cm or not worry about any of this & stick with the 9cm? I'd be interested to know what you think. tks.
too much change....C-40
Jul 12, 2003 6:29 AM
Changing from a 9cm to an 11cm all at once makes little sense. Stems are made in 1cm increments to permit small changes in the bike's fit.

The primary effect of increasing stem length is an increase in the angle between the arm and torso and an increase in knee to elbow clearance when riding in the drops.

If your knees and elbows don't hit when riding with the hands in the drops, fingers in reach of the brake levers and the upper back horizontal, there is no reason to get a longer stem.

If you want a more aerodynamic position, the bars should be lowered, first by reducing or eliminating spacers, then by reducing stem angle.

When you say you have a 5 degree rise stem, I assume you are using mountain bike terminology and mean a 95 degree stem, which is a pretty high rise for a road bike.