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If you ride a bike, read this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(4 posts)

If you ride a bike, read this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!xcmntgeek
Jul 11, 2003 3:24 PM
Some of you may have seen this before, I pulled it off of a local message board, but if not.....


The following is from an email from Lois Cowan - Co-owner, Century Cycles

On Wednesday, July 2nd, the morning radio show on WMJI-Majic 105 read an e-mail from a listener saying that bicycles should not be on the roads in the Cleveland Metroparks. At least one of the DJs told listeners who were in cars to do things like:

- speed past the bike, pull back into the lane and slam on your brakes.
- speed past the bike, have your passenger open their door and put on the brakes.
- yell and/or honk at all cyclists as you pass in your car.
- throw things like cans or rolls of pennies out your window at cyclists.

Apparently, there was a caller who said that what they were telling people to do was wrong. The caller tried to explain that bicycles are allowed on the roads and are vehicles just like cars. From what I understand, the DJs made fun of the caller and didn't take her comments seriously.

I contacted one of the DJs, Jimmy Malone, about the content of the program. He said that he would try to get "the other side of the story" on Thursday's show and I agreed to be interviewed.

My interview started with me explaining that bicycles are allowed on the roadways and why some cyclists don't use the multi-purpose trails in the Metroparks. During the "interview", I was repeatedly and relentlessly called a buffoon, idiot, clueless, pms-sufferer, couldn't take a joke, didn't understand satire and stupid.

For the remaining three hours of their "show", they took calls from listeners and further encouraged drivers to do whatever it takes to get cyclists off the roads. Callers who agreed with their viewpoints were awarded a gift certificate to a local restaurant.

They aired loads of people who called in to say that they agreed that bicyclists are basically moving targets. I heard of only one person that said they felt that their "jokes" were wrong. I was left wonderring if they were just putting the ignorant people on the air or (as they said) did no cyclists call in with their opinion?

On Monday, July 7, they were again making comments about bicycles being on the roadways. The biggest offender, Chip Kullik, again said he pulls
over and opens his doors into cyclists.

We need every single person who rides a bike to call or e-mail the Federal Communications Commission, the station, Clear Channel Communications and the Cleveland Metroparks to say that the program during these two mornings is wrong. It is DEAD wrong if someone is killed because the radio station spent over four hours "joking" about swerving into cyclists, throwing things at riders, honking, yelling, or passing and then slamming on your brakes.

Please take a few moments to call, write or e-mail any or all of the following:

Federal Communications Commission
Enforcement Bureau
445 12th St SW
Washington, DC 20554
phone 202-418-7450
fax 202-418-2810

go to to e-mail the Program Manager
Dave Popovich and/or Jim Meltzer
6200 Oak Tree Blvd
Independence, OH 44131-6933

Clear Channel Communications, head offices, San Antonio,
Director of Public Relations -

John Hogan, CEO
Clear Channel Radio
200 East Basse Rd
San Antonio, TX 78209

Bob Rotatori-PR Manager
Cleveland Metroparks
4101 Fulton Parkway
Cleveland, Ohio 44144
216-351-6300 ext. 3263

Someone needs to stand up against this aggressive and selfish behavior that some motorists feel against bicyclists in the Metroparks and on the roadways. We need to educate the public, both motorists and cyclists, about the correct rules of the road.

Please copy me on any e-mails or letters that you send. I can be reached at:
The DJs are jerks...we know...biknben
Jul 11, 2003 5:58 PM
We here have gone through this already a few times in the past week. We have moved on! I hope!
What you don't know...gala7516
Jul 12, 2003 2:31 AM that these guys spent this week almost defending what they said last week.
re: If you ride a bike, read this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DropTheHammer
Jul 11, 2003 6:02 PM
I just sent a load of e-mails to these people. I swear, crap like this makes me think about carrying a weapon.