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POLL: Do you support club sponsors?(3 posts)

POLL: Do you support club sponsors?Fender
Jul 11, 2003 2:51 PM
Do you shop at XYZ store because they support a local cycling club or eat at a certain restaurant for the same reasons? Or are you indifferent to local businesses who support our sport?
I do and tell them that I dopitt83
Jul 11, 2003 4:05 PM
If these businesses are sponsoring your event / club, you owe them first consideration for your purchases. Not blind loyalty, but consideration. Think what your entry fees would be like if they didn't? If you are drawn to their product and appreciate their sponsorship, tell them. They may not know their $$ is well spent after once or twice and drop it.

If we quit supporting our sponsors, we'll surely lose them.
If they don't suck!hycobob
Jul 11, 2003 5:50 PM
The LBS that "supports" a Houston area club SCCC will only help with ordering jerseys if they are moving billboards for their shop. The latest is definitely the ugliest thing I've ever seen. Plus it had their name/logo printed a total of NINE times! The club name only got two. The last jersey we had is one of the best I've seen...sometimes member input doesn't mean alot.