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There I was, caught in the rain ... (read on)(8 posts)

There I was, caught in the rain ... (read on)globalhelipimp
Jul 11, 2003 10:39 AM
... and I enjoyed it. I was about 10 miles into my 25 mile
ride when it started POURING. At first I thought this
would kill my ride, but it almost made it better. I felt
like I was going faster (probably because of the rain
hitting me) and about 5 miles later the rain stopped. I
had a PR (personal-record) ride too- 25 miles averaging
17mph over hilly, countryside terrain.

The sun came out and dried my bike off (Lemond Zurich), but
should I be taking any precations or doing anything? I
have it upside down by the wheels in my garage ride now ..



re: There I was, caught in the rain ... (read on)firstrax
Jul 11, 2003 10:53 AM
The spring and early summer here in the great state of NH was almost all rain. I finaly decided that I was tired of rollers and said what the hell, and road in the rain.

I made a discovery that day. Riding in the rain really wasn't that bad. Everthing felt pretty good, I dont know about better than clear weather but I rode my usual pace with no problems.

I suspect when winter hits I'll find the same holds true for cold weather. With the proper clothing.

From this day foreward I will ride rollers on my terms, not the weathermans. Who's with me?
re: There I was, caught in the rain ... (read on)globalhelipimp
Jul 11, 2003 10:59 AM
Right on, my friend ..

But should I be doing anything to my bike? It was
completely dry to touch, but could water have seeped into
the tubing some how? I always hear about people "opening a
BB" or something like that after they ride in the rain?

This makes me sound somewhat ignorant, but I just started
rode biking on Monday, and previously had no experience.

Oh yeah- my odometer hit the 100 mile mark today! :)

re: There I was, caught in the rain ... (read on)boyd2
Jul 11, 2003 11:38 AM
I am going to be riding in the rain here in about 30 minutes. One of the dangers of commuting is the daily afternoon thundershower.
re: There I was, caught in the rain ... (read on)mrrun2fast
Jul 11, 2003 11:48 AM
Don't have worry about rain in Los Angeles. It hasn't rained here for a couple of months, no joke.
Trade ya'4bykn
Jul 11, 2003 1:09 PM
Between tuesday night and wednesday night we were on the receiving end of over 8 inches of rain. Wednesday when the rain was hardest our electricity went out for 5 hours. My wife, elder daughter and I spent all 5 hours bailing out our sump by buckets. We managed to do better than many neighbors, I see a lot of spoiled carpeting out for garbage pickup today.
Yeah but...Dwayne Barry
Jul 11, 2003 12:03 PM
you can't even start thinking of yourself as a real hardman until you start a ride with the rain coming down!

But I digress, I've always found riding in the rain to be great.
re: There I was, caught in the rain ... (read on)t0adman
Jul 11, 2003 12:58 PM
I think most new steel bikes are are treated for rust prevention. I have a Zurich too but I haven't riden in the rain yet. With my Mercian I would rince it with fresh water to get any dirt and grime off, then dry it thoroughly. When I had the BB and stem out I squirted a fair amount of Boeshield in there for good measure. If you clean it and dry it thoroughly you'll be fine.