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Riding in Sweden(4 posts)

Riding in SwedenSpin5312
Jul 11, 2003 10:16 AM
Hello and thanks in advance for any assistance.

My wife and I are taking a 3 week trip to Sweden (from the US) for our 1st anniversery. We are both racers and want to get some miles in and see the countryside. Here's the rub; we are flying into Stockholm and wish to go immediatly to Lund on the far west side of Sweden. When we contacted the train company they said no bikes or luggage that big. We will have to send the bikes by frieght and it will be 2+ days and an extra $60 each way, each bike! We don't want to rent a car but that's loking like it's our only solution. Has anyone any experience in this matter?

Kind regards
Have you been to Swedenfiltersweep
Jul 11, 2003 11:06 AM
You might want to be careful of your riding route- there are many (if not most) roads that are both narrow and without shoulders (it isn't anything like the US). There is a considerable network of commuter trails, which makes many motorists frown upon sharing the road with cyclists- especially given how "crowded" the lane can be.

On the flip-side, the slow national speed limit and the attitude they have about driving in general, makes motorists much safer than in the US.

I'm not trying to discourage you, but you might want to research these issues a bit if you haven't already.
Jul 11, 2003 12:08 PM
Your itinerary makes me wonder why you are flying to Stockholm instead of flying to Copenhagen in Denmark? CPH is a lot closer to Lund than Stockholm is.

In regards to your problem I'd probably rent a car/van. I never like to bring more stuff than I can carry myself.

I don't think the roads are bad for cyclists as long as you choose alternative routes instead of the most trafficked - there are plenty of small nice back roads. Get help from the locals on planning your route.

Good luck and enjoy

Jul 11, 2003 12:55 PM
To answer your question, we are heading to Malmo right away but will only be there 5 of 21 days. Our friends there will only be available then. It is looking like renting a wagon is the best idea. We can then take a different way back to Stockholm to spice things up.

As far as riding goes we fully intend on getting to the smallest most obscure roads possible. We live in St.louis and the drivers could not be any less hospitable than here. We will probably not get in as much quality riding when we return to Stockholm.

Thanks for your response.