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Fri Poll : Will Lance be back next year?(11 posts)

Fri Poll : Will Lance be back next year?PhatMatt
Jul 11, 2003 10:01 AM
So here it is:
If Lance wins does he come back for another year and than go for a gold in Athens?
If he looses does he come back for #5 and also a Gold in Athens next year?
I think if he wins (I hope he does) he tries for 6 and than retires after the Olympics to focus on time with his kids.
If he does not win this year I still think he comes back for one more shot.

re: Fri Poll : Will Lance be back next year?03Vortex
Jul 11, 2003 10:14 AM
#6 without question. He will not be satisfied just tieing the record.
I hope so!!...................nmdavet
Jul 11, 2003 10:24 AM
He'll retire after the 100th Tour (nm)terry b
Jul 11, 2003 10:30 AM
You want him to hang around for 10 more years? nmMel Erickson
Jul 11, 2003 11:33 AM
Heck Yea! The oldest 15 time winner. (nm)terry b
Jul 11, 2003 1:14 PM
Read his book...crestlinefarm
Jul 11, 2003 1:45 PM
If you think he'd be satisfied with just sharing the record.
Did anyone catch his comment...bigdeal
Jul 11, 2003 1:55 PM
LA made a comment to the OLN guy after the Team TT to the effect of "I know it sounds corny but I'd be pretty (bummed) to retire without a winning that race". So, one has to think, if you didn't win it this year why not aim to win in next year? Well, if you're planning on retiring after THIS year there is no NEXT year....
I agree 100%.....coonass
Jul 11, 2003 5:21 PM
however, it will likely be a boring TdF unless Potakki(sp??) can get an equally talented team.....I'm already dreading the remaining 2 weeks of the "Protect Lance" Race...don't get me wrong, I have absolutely nothing against LA, and I wish I had 1/4 of his ability, but the way the race is run, it's almost boring.....Trek, Postal, etc. have way too much money for the other teams to compete financially....
I disagree 100%.....tmotz
Jul 11, 2003 10:24 PM
Money helps,but talent and will power are king.
By what I know LA trains year round so not to lose his base,most racers take some time off.

It seems to me that the Postal team is the best organized.
I disagree 100%.....coonass
Jul 12, 2003 11:41 AM
With an abundance of money, you can buy the best leadout riders with the best talent and will-power. LA can't do it by himself and it's a fact that the team does train with him during the off months outside of Austin, but that takes $$$$$$.