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Radio DJs promote injuring cyclists...(16 posts)

Radio DJs promote injuring cyclists...SmogRider
Jul 10, 2003 1:22 PM
as seen on MTBR:

set email account to 'stun'.


PS - I called Century Cycles to validate - it's legit.
re: Radio DJs promote injuring cyclists...Pygme
Jul 10, 2003 2:02 PM
Yes it is true.

I followed a group of cyclists during a 6:00 PM ride. I watched them take up two lanes of a three lane road in a huge pack blocking traffic. I saw them run red lights and stop signs, again, in packs. I saw them weave in and out of cars. I saw them yelling at motorists. I was next to them and behind the the whole way. I was in a marked police car!! They did not give a damn. And they can not understand the anomosity directed at them?

Asa cyclists myself, I followed the PACK with the hopes of getting some revenge on some motorists who might screw with the cyclists. It did not take 1 mile before my attitude TOTALLY changed!

As long as WE ride like that, we can expect anger directed towards us.
Jul 10, 2003 2:48 PM
Being a police officer/cyclist, you should know what a road cyclist endures on a road ride. Especially when people driving cars/trucks have the "IAM BIGGER THAN YOU SYNDROME"

I am sure that that group of cyclist you observed is not the normal.

Clear Channel should encourage road tolerance between cyclist and drivers.

Occupation the same. While in unit I rarely see offences. But while riding it happens all day. But not to that extent.

Ride Safe
Radio DJs promote injuring cyclists...Pygme
Jul 10, 2003 4:17 PM
Oh but it is the norm, for this group. Right in the middle of town.

You got people who have been pent up at work all day. They just want to get home, and then a pack of 40 cyclists are blocking the road. They trap the cars behind the red light. Then run that same red light leaving the motorists steaming in their wake.

It is yahoos like this group that Phuck it up for everyone. And when we defend this lunacy, we makethe problem worse.
That's a bummerKristin
Jul 11, 2003 7:12 AM
Its probably one group in Cleveland that are making the roads dangerous for other riders by pissing drivers off and being insensitive to rules and ettiquette. God that burns me! I rode with a group that was disrespectful for a while. They tend to put a whole town on edge towards all riders because the residents can't tell the difference between the sh$tty group and everyone else. You know what they say, a little yeast...
Why didn't you pull them over and have a chat???biknben
Jul 11, 2003 5:07 AM
IF they were in cars you would have pulled them over right? Why not those on bikes? If these riders are causing a problem which can escalate into into something worse, why not stop it at the source.

If you were waiting to get revenge on a motorist, you weren't helping. Pulling over a driver who vents his frustration while the cyclists pull these stunts isn't going to help. Stop the problem at the source.
Why didn't you pull them over and have a chat???Pygme
Jul 11, 2003 8:42 AM
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I have heard it all. And the moral to the story is: I can never win. If I pulled them over, and "treated them like motorists", as you suggest, the next cry would have been, "dont you have anything better to do than pull over a bicycle?"

Bottom line. We need to police ourselves.
Set e-mail to "Kill Career, and take License" ...Humma Hah
Jul 10, 2003 2:22 PM
... This makes 3. Yesterday we were discussing this exact same issue for Houston, and it turned out it had already happened in San Jose, with the station issuing an apology and suspending the jocks.

All involve Clear Channel. I know Clear Channel will use the same guys in several major markets simultaneously, using different names (your "local" DJ may live 3000 miles away).

This sounds like a national campaign by Clear Channel, or at least its jocks, and we should not tolerate it. If Clear Channel cannot convince its DJ's to stop promoting criminal, even murderous, activity, the FCC should pull their licenses and force them to divest themselves of the huge number of radio stations they have acquired. Free speech is one thing ... using the public airways to promote murder has NEVER been a right under the Constitution ... just as the Supreme Court decided that yelling "FIRE" in a crowded theater is not covered under free speech.

In fact, it may be beyond going to the FCC. We probably should go to the Congress.
where to the advocacy groups stand on this?...Djudd
Jul 10, 2003 3:22 PM
there are a number of bicycle advocacy groups, this is what we need them for. Where are they? .
knowing the way clear channel operates......rufus
Jul 10, 2003 6:15 PM
i'd guess that it's simply the same radio show being simulcast in different markets. kinda like the howard stern show, clear channel buys up local stations, lays off their staff, and then pipes in shows from other markets to fill the air time.
League of American Bicyclists?bill105
Jul 11, 2003 5:15 AM
Where is the League of American Bicyclists? I see their adds on commercials during the Tour but havent heard anything from them on this issue. Anyone know their e mail address or a contact? The commercial says they help cyclists. Maybe a copy of teh link or article to them would start the process of stopping Clear Channel.
Are you a member?pitt83
Jul 11, 2003 6:41 AM
If not, you've got no complaint. Send in your dues, then ask them. I dispise the "someone else will help" attitude portrayed in posts like this. (Not just you, seen lots of these where someone else should do something).

If you're serious, become a member first, then ask the board of directors if you can spearhead this issue. Bet they're more than happy to accept some help.

As a board member of CT-NEMBA, I get issues asked of me from people who aren't even members. They expect that I'll take care of it and fight for their cause. Agreed the issue is still there, just don't like how I'm asked to clean everything up from non-participants who want their nose wiped everytime they sneeze.

Get involved yourself! Become a member of LAB before you have any right to ask from them.

Done venting now, feel much better.
Are you a member?bill105
Jul 11, 2003 10:04 AM
as a matter of fact no, i am not a member and i didnt ask anyone to wipe my nose. i have never heard of the league of american bicyclists until the other night either. just to quell your suspicion though, i am also not a member of every single advocacy group in the world either. i dont have the resources and frankly the time to be. i have however done countless hours of maintenance on trail systems in several states and local groups both off road and on. sorry to step on your toes. i didnt know to ask a question about a group that you had to be a dues paying member of that group.
not being a member doesn't disqualify the question...Djudd
Jul 11, 2003 1:42 PM
I am a member of LAB have been since they were LAW (League of Amer. Wheelmen). I interned w/ them in grad school. However, even I weren't doesn't mean I am not allowed to ask the question. This is a perfect vehicle to launch a larger campaign of respect
Darn, so close, yet so far...Kristin
Jul 11, 2003 10:30 AM
I keep looking for a way to weigh in on this. When you said they were clear channel, I thought, "Cool, now I can send a valid email gripe and refuse to listen to their stations." I will still send the gripe and refusal, but in all honesty, their Chicago stations all suck. I don't listen to them.

I don't think any of the DJ's have been encouraging bad driving around cyclists in Chicago. Its too bad. Mayor Daley would kick their arses from here to Timbuktoo. Its certainly frustrating to hear about these morons.
Jul 11, 2003 9:19 AM

I shot off a couple emails, gotta imagine they got more than "50".