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Humbled by the anti-fashion guy(14 posts)

Humbled by the anti-fashion guymxtater9
Jul 10, 2003 4:23 AM
Just had to post this. I was out of town last week and hooked up with a group ride, sort of out in the middle of no where. We'll about 12 riders showed up, but one took the cake. He looked like he came from some shack out in the hills and his bike looked like it just came from the goodwill, tires out of true and all. We'll to make a long story short he kicked our and my butt and we weren't slouching. We avg. 18.5 mph in some nasty broken up gravel filled, very hilly roads, and he was just toying with us. Full beard, no cycling shorts and a big old flag and pole on the back of his bike. We'll I don't think I need those $600.00 dollar wheels anymore I think I will just train a little harder. Yours truely, Humbled
re: Humbled by the anti-fashion guyStruggle
Jul 10, 2003 5:05 AM
It is all about the motor and not the bike. I have seen this on RAGBRAI which is not a race but people show up on rough equipment and are by far stronger than someone riding a $4,500 foo foo bike. I find it funny when this happens.
Ragbrai is a laundry list of fashion don'tsColnagoFE
Jul 10, 2003 7:05 AM
I sweat you see 300+ pound people riding and drinking. One guy I saw was wearing bib coveralls and boots with no shirt natch. Probably 90+ degrees at the time. Looked like a heart attack waiting to happen
I think every town has oneterry b
Jul 10, 2003 5:50 AM
we've got one here in ABQ too - I've seen him (and have been passed by him) a couple of times. our version wears a wrinkled button down oxford, khakis with a pant leg clip, sometimes a tie and usually a Jansport backpack. Also those great 1960s techno-nerd black framed glasses. His ride is a low end MTB that needs a serious lube job and derailleur adjustment. Very noisy. He usually sits by the road in this one spot and then goes after bike traffic, riding as fast as he can until he's just a spot in the distance.

I don't find it humbling, I find it amusing. There is always someone faster out there, regardless of equipment. Has nothing to do with your full team kit or your expensive bike, it has to do with the gifts nature gave you. Would you feel humbled if Lance grew a beard and rode a POS and kicked your butt up a hill? I wouldn't.
I think every town has oneutxjohne
Jul 10, 2003 6:24 AM
This kind of happened to me last night. I was moving along pretty good through central park when some young kid wearing a t-shirt shorts and sandals on an old trek with platform pedals blew by me like I was standing still. I was thinking that the US Development team should sign this guy up.
Jul 10, 2003 6:36 AM
Here there is a sport class mountain bike racer who rides in cut-off jeans and a t-shirt, on a steel single speed mtb, and wins by minutes. Really annoying to all of us who have spent tons of money on the appropriate clothing and equipment, aside from the obvious sandbagging.

Similar experienceDropped
Jul 10, 2003 6:48 AM
I was out riding one day on the Pinarello, at a pretty good clip. I stop at a light and there is a hispanic guy there in dirty jeans, dirty work shirt, dirty worn work boots. He was on a much-too-big, squeaky, beat up department store mountain bike.

Light changes and I roll off. I'm in my "time trial" mode, which for me means I'm pulling like 20mph and hurting. After a mile or so of that I hit another light. The second I stop I turn around and this guy is right behind me. He was on my wheel the whole time. I just laughed inside.
Similar experienceThe Human G-Nome
Jul 10, 2003 7:54 AM
on a similar note, i'll notice then when i'm out for a ride (especially in Golden Gate Park during the start or tail end), people will take one look at my bike and my kit and then they think they're off to the races. it's amazing how often just a glance in my direction will cause the citizen to put in maximum effort (if only for a short distance).
Similar experienceterry b
Jul 10, 2003 8:15 AM
"if only for a short distance"

Often this happens to me when I'm on the end of a 40 or 50 miler and not interested in riding any faster than I am. Makes me wonder, with that burst of speed, if I'm not being dusted by someone on the short end of a ten mile ride.

Had a guy on a decent cross bike pass me on a MUT recently, pulled along side (tank top, gym shorts) and said "man, you're pretty hard to catch." I'd been riding about 20, not too fast, so I asked him how long he'd been chasing me. He said "about 5 miles" and then pulled off and returned to his car in the parking lot at the end of the path. He'd been out for a 10 mile tool around, saw me and felt compelled to run me down. I was finishing a 50. People are funny.
Similar experienceMShaw
Jul 10, 2003 9:12 AM
When I ride up and down the coast on the 101 here in San Diego, I'm amazed at how many guys there are that CANNOT stand to be behind someone. I'll be toodling along at 18-20mph, just kinda cruising slowly, and all of a sudden, there's this prescence on my wheel. Sometimes they'll sit there, more often they try and blow by me. I'm chuckling at them as they take off into the distance.

Funny thing is, I have a friend that boast(ed) constantly about "dropping this guy" on the 101 at XYZ hill... Yeah, I was hammering with this dude, and I attacked into Solana Beach and dropped him! Ummm, yeah. You go stud-boy.

There's a time and place to go fast, and a time and place to go slow. The trick is knowing which one you're supposed to be doing that day.

Similar experiencehatchetman
Jul 10, 2003 10:22 AM
Yeah, I've noticed LOTS of people on bicycles that don't like to be passed or like to pass others. I typically find that they can't keep the pace very long though. I've had many people ride by me in mountain bikes, road bikes, or whatever, and more often than not a couple miles down the road I'll fly by them as they begin to slow down and struggle to keep the pace or they're stopped at the side gasping for air. They blow all their energy to pass you then pay for it later. It's kinda funny how people are that way.
HA HA HA HA HA HA! Fantastic! nmOldEdScott
Jul 10, 2003 9:59 AM
Eaten alive by a "Wolf in Fred's clothing"!Humma Hah
Jul 10, 2003 8:17 AM
Yeah, it ain't about the bike.
About 15 years ago...............Len J
Jul 10, 2003 10:45 AM
when I was young & in great shape, I did the Assualt on Mount Mitchell. For thos who are not familiar with it, Mt Mitchell is the highest peak east of the Mississippi, the Assualt is a 104 mile race, with the majority of the climbing in the last 35 miles. Anyway, I'm in the lead pack when we hit the base of the mountain & it's like someone threw a grenade the way the group broke up in the lower stages of the climb. I'm hurting but moving pretty good about 1/2 way up the mountain when I hear a squaky noise coming up behind me. Pretty soon, I'm passed by a 60 + year old on a rusted old bike, with a rack with a basket on the back, dressed in regular shorts, a button down shirt and sneakers. He goes by me sitting down like I'm standing still. I talked to him after I finished and he grew up on the mountain and has been riding his bike as his primary means of transportation for about 35 years, up & down the mountain at least 2 times a day.

Never judge a book by it's cover.