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So Where's The Pump Go???(8 posts)

So Where's The Pump Go???BigFatSal
Jul 9, 2003 8:03 PM
I'm a former mountain bike racer who's now beginning to love road riding. Normally I carry my pump in my Camelback, but I hardly see any road riders out there who wear a hydration back. I see seat packs on bikes that could hold tire levers and tubes, and I don't see pumps attached to these riders' frames..... Hmmm.... So where do you guys stash the pump??? I wouldn't mind losing the Camelback and just use water bottles, but then I wouldn't know where to put the damn pump in case I flat....
re: So Where's The Pump Go???Bruno S
Jul 9, 2003 8:15 PM
There are still there. Try a jersey pocket (if small). Some road pumps attach on the frame in places that make them difficult to see. Mine is next to the watter bottle. You will only see it from one side. CO2 is another option but only use it if you trust your abilities and equipment. But most people still carry pumps on their frames.
1 Carbon and 2 Oxygenninelittlepiggies
Jul 9, 2003 9:20 PM
Welcome to the world of CO2. There is nothing better in my book. Light, small - just carry an extra cartridge. So far their fool-proof to me
I agree with CO2 -nothing like 0 to 120 psi in 10secandy02
Jul 10, 2003 4:56 AM
Get the bigger co2 car. they get great psi in 700x23 mm tires
I agree with CO2 -nothing like 0 to 120 psi in 10secMacho Man Savage
Jul 10, 2003 5:08 AM
Mine fits nicely in the rear triangle. I highly recommend it.
I agree with CO2 -nothing like 0 to 120 psi in 10secutxjohne
Jul 10, 2003 5:40 AM
I am a CO2 user as well, but usually we have a few pumps in our group as well.
strapped to the frame or in your jersey pocket (nm)ColnagoFE
Jul 10, 2003 7:07 AM
re: So Where's The Pump Go???Fender
Jul 10, 2003 7:46 AM
I carry my minipump in my middle pocket. It's a 9" Performance Hurricane, goes for under $20 and works better than I thought it would. Even my teammate who uses a Blackburn asked for it when he got a flat not too long ago. I can easily pump it up to 110-120psi

Cook Brothers make one that's 4-5" in length and will fit in larger saddle bags and obviously pockets. Not sure how good or bad it works.

Or just carry it in your camelback. Whats wrong with using a hydration pack while on the road? Might not be "euro cool", but then again once your wearing spandex, pretty much anything goes!