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I'm going to Disneyland!(12 posts)

I'm going to Disneyland!BowWow
Jul 9, 2003 7:39 PM
Big family vacation this August, spending five days in LaLa Land. We're driving down and I'm thinking of bringing my old Centurion to do a few early-morning rides while the family is still sleeping. We'll be staying a block and a half from Disneyland. Any ideas for local rides starting from the magic kingdom?

Also, any recommendations for local beaches? We're mountain folk, and would really like to spend some quality time in the sand and surf...

Thanks for any input!

... just to clarify... Disneyland or DisneyWorld??? (nm)Akirasho
Jul 10, 2003 3:40 AM
Be the bike.
"LaLa Land" = Los Angeles (L.A.), right? nmDougSloan
Jul 10, 2003 6:37 AM
Yes, Disneyland in Anaheim... nmBowWow
Jul 10, 2003 9:32 AM
re: I'm going to Disneyland!mickey-mac
Jul 10, 2003 4:50 AM
The riding in the immediate vicinity of D'land is nothing special. The area is flat and fairly congested. However, you'll find some nice riding with rolling hills and fairly wide-open roads in the area around Santiago Canyon. Mapquest pegs the distance from Disneyland to Santiago at about 12 miles. If you can swing it in the early morning, you may want to drive to the intersection of Chapman and Newport in the City of Orange. From there, you can ride a short distance on Chapman before it becomes Santiago Canyon. You can do an out and back ride of various lengths on Santiago, which is a popular spots for group rides and time trials.

As for Orange County beaches, Laguna Beach is a nice spot with a nice beach and plenty of restaurants and shops. However, getting in and out of Laguna on a summer weekend can be a real headache. Corona del Mar, to the north of Laguna, is also a nice place.

After seeing the pictures you posted of some of your rides, I'll volunteer to house-sit your place while you're down here. Seriously, have fun on the trip and e-mail me if you have any other questions about southern California:
Hey, thanks for the tips!BowWow
Jul 10, 2003 9:45 AM
I'll give Santiago Canyon a try. We'll be there Monday - Friday, and after reading the posts below I think I'll drive to and from the canyon - may be safer that way. I usually ride at 6:00 a.m., so I hope traffic won't be too bad from 5:30 - 8:00...

We'll definitely try both beaches. I've also heard Manhattan Beach is nice. Would you recommend it? And since this is a total tourist trip we're also planning on hitting Venice Beach. To paraphrase, "Be the freak!"

As far as house-sitting, you are welcome to visit any time! I think we can keep you interested by doing a few pretty spectacular rides. Riding season here starts in mid-May and extends as late as the end of October. C'mon up!

Thanks to all for the input!!!

Danger Will Robinson!!Pygme
Jul 10, 2003 6:06 AM
If you plan on riding on the road, that is foolish! You are begging to get hit. This is a huge tourist area. People dont have a clue where they are going. As a result, they are looking at roadmaps, road signs, etc. the last thing they will be looking for, is a guy on a bike. I'd reconsider.
Jul 10, 2003 6:38 AM
Sort of industrial around there, too.

Cart your bike to the beach and ride there while making a day of it. Better scenery, anyway.

forget itColnagoFE
Jul 10, 2003 7:11 AM
there is virtually nowhere to ride around disneyland. sure you could but why? pretty dangerous if you do. on a side note...i really hate disneyland/world. been to many conferences there and something just not right about it. so artificial and bland. still i imagine i'll be hauling the nippers there someday. sort of the obligitory journey for those with kids i guess. bring plenty of cash. you'll need it. you can always ride beach cruisers or one of those surrey bikes around the boardwalk i guess.
I've only been twice, kids never...BowWow
Jul 10, 2003 9:57 AM
I agree that D-land is artificial and kinda wierd, but it's gonna be a once-in-a-lifetime thing for us. Our oldest is headed off to school in the fall, second oldest will be gone next summer, and we'll probably never have a chance for a big family vacation with everyone along again. We'll be going through Montana, camping near Lewis and Clark Caverns, then travelling through Yellowstone NP to Salt Lake to visit family and friends, then dropping down through Bryce and Zion to Las Vegas, then on to LA. It'll be an epic, for sure, and I don't think anyone will forget it! We'll get some of the best of nature and of man - well, Vegas and Disneyland may not particularly qualify as "best" of man... but you get get my meaning, I think!

my kids are only 2 and 7ColnagoFE
Jul 10, 2003 10:15 AM
i'm sure it won't be long before the disneyland trip comes about though. you'll have fun. the kids will love it.
Don't Forget itBigFreddy
Jul 10, 2003 10:59 AM
I'm not sure where your "block away" is but you are very close to the Santa Ana river trail. You can take Harbor Blvd north to Ball Rd, go east (right turn) till you get to the Santa Ana river. You can take the trail south to the beach, or north to Anaheim Hills. It's about 15 miles the beach, the trail ends at PCH between Newport Beach(south) and Huntington Beach (north). From there you would take PCH either north or south, the north is nice up to Seal Beach about 10 miles. If you go south there many routes to take either straight down PCH or inland through Orange County. Let me know if you would like more details.