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Good price for GT ZR3000?(3 posts)

Good price for GT ZR3000?Sid the sloth
Jul 9, 2003 6:54 PM
I'm looking around at road bikes, and looked at a '99 GT ZR3000. It has Shimano 105 components all the way around, an edge carbon fork, and I'm pretty sure it has Mavic wheels- exact type are unknown. All in all the bike is in great condition, and fits me very well. Approximate mileage on this bike is unknown. What is a good asking price for this bike? The seller wants $700 for it. Also, if I do end up purchasing this bike, would it be wise to have it inspected by a local bike shop prior to purchase?
re: Good price for GT ZR3000?jtolleson
Jul 9, 2003 8:00 PM
I personally think that's high. It is a decent bike, with decent components but my guess it is 8 spd in the rear (current 105 is 9 speed) and you'll have no warranty service from GT.

Whether you need it inspected depends on your own self-confidence in looking for excessive wear or indications that it has been crashed.

But I think this bike is closer to $500, not $700.
re: Good price for GT ZR3000?Money D
Jul 10, 2003 2:17 PM
I have a '99 GT ZR 2000 that I have had nothing but good luck with. I agree with the reviews on this site. The frame is great, though almost too stiff. Its great for 40 mile rides, but I think it would really pound you on a century. The price on this bike seems quite high to me also. I bought mine in mint used condition off ebay 2 years ago. It had full ultegra and spinergy revX's (msrp $800) all for $860. I know this was an exceptional deal, but still this bike you are asking about is two years older (than when I bought mine) with lesser components. I would say you should be able to find a much better deal. With used bike you have to be patient. Keep checking ebay and the classifieds here.

As far as getting it checked out, its a judgement call. I always try to communicate a couple times with the seller to try and get a feel for how honest and knowledgeable they are. I've never had a problem, but I know lots of people have.

Good luck.
ps. they can look pretty good too.