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Aero bars for the guy who whines about his hands a lot.(2 posts)

Aero bars for the guy who whines about his hands a lot.Mr Nick
Jul 9, 2003 5:38 PM
As some of you might know, I complain about my hands quite a bit. I have been riding a fairly upright stem position to help and it is getting better, but it still bothers me. I was looking at aero bars and thought they looked really comfortable, especially since you get to take the weight off your hands. I think I will be flexible enough to use them, although I am lacking in back strength (one of the reasons I put too much weight on my hands). Anyway I was hoping for some input. Since I normally ride upright, will aero bars be too uncomfortable for me? Are they as comfortable as they look, or are they actually uncomfortable and only meant to cut down wind resistance? Bottom line, should I get them and if so, which ones?
re: Aero bars for the guy who whines about his hands a lot.african
Jul 10, 2003 5:40 AM
How about going to a bike shop and test riding a triathlon bike with aero bars. I rode a tri bike for 3 years with syntace aero bars. I then got a road bike and wow my upper body was tired as I was so used to putting the weight on my arms. So in my opinion the aero bars are comfortable and could work for you, don't use them in group rides at all. I think they will work well for you but your back will be bent more, unless you get the bars set up so that your back is in a good position for you. I suggest the syntace c2 bars for you. Stay away from exotic aero bars like my ITM cx2 they are awesome but not for you. Go to a LBS and get them to help you out. Cheers.