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stem question(2 posts)

stem questiontedr
Jul 9, 2003 2:25 PM
I am looking for a new stem and wanted to know if a 90 degree stem is equal to no rise, which is what i am looking for - majority of stems say either 90 or 80 degree rise the one i now have is too low when upside down and too high when reversed but i do not know what degree it is or how to tell
also where do you measure length from, end of steer tube to begining of handle bar or center to center
Thanks, Ted
re: stem questionFredrico
Jul 9, 2003 3:18 PM
Well, stems are measured center-to-center from the stem bolt to the handlebars where they join the stem.

Rise is the angle measured from the line of the stem where it attaches to the steering tube, to the line made by the extension to the handlebars. A stem marked 73 degrees fitted onto a 73 degree headtube would have an extension parallel to the ground, or no rise. A 90 degree stem makes a right angle with the headtube. Since all headtubes are angled back, 72-75 degrees, a 90 degree stem would have some rise, an 80 degree stem slightly less rise.

In other words, a flat stem would have an angle equal to the angle of the head tube. In most cases, 73 degrees gets close enough. That's the angle most standard flat stems come in.