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Polling '03 Litespeed Vortex owners(7 posts)

Polling '03 Litespeed Vortex owners03Vortex
Jul 9, 2003 9:49 AM
There seems to be plenty of reviews about the '02 Vortex (all good) which assisted me in making my decision on buying one this year. No extensive reviews posted on the '03 so I am asking those out there who own one for their thoughts and opinions on the bike thusfar. I know for me that while I wanted Ti, other very nice Ti bikes came with carbon stays which I am just not entirely sold on. Not looking to start a debate over this issue, just trying to poll Vortex owners.

What made you decide to buy one and would you buy it again?
Not a vortex owner, butkatie1
Jul 9, 2003 10:36 AM
I do have a 2003 Siena with carbon stays. I've been very pleased with it. I find it very comfortable on long rides, quick to accelerate and climbs like a goat.
1999 Vortex ownerboneman
Jul 9, 2003 2:22 PM
Bought it in Jan/1999. CCyclist was having the usual end of season blowout sale of the 1998's. There was a bit of a mess up, they were out of my size and asked if I'd pay $100 more for a 1999 ($1,800). No problem as I liked the idea of a 6/4 Ti bike. You know, stiffer, lighter and the rest.

Promptly moved to the UK and over the last 4+ seasons have put over 20k+ on the bike. No longer race but got up to Cat II in the mid-70's. Have ridden a number of steel bikes and also have a Merckx EX Ti (Litespeed made).

The Vortex is a great ride. Stiff enough in the BB for most riders, excellent ride and build quality, decent geometry and fit. I saw the 2003 Vortex at the London bike show last September and it was instant lust. I don't know and really don't care about the function of the shaped seat stays and main frame tubes but I do like their look, and know that the frame flat out works. You forget about the bike and just enjoy the ride. Unlike the States, until last year, I never saw a Litespeed on the roads around London. Last night came up behind an Aussie in Richmond park riding the new Vortex which here, costs about £2,300, about $3,800 at the current rates.

The money question. Yes, I would absolutely buy another one but not in the UK. I just bought a 2003 Colnago C40 and paid £1,590 (all prices include 17.5% VAT), cheap compared to another Vortex. Yes, they're different but I'll report back when I get some more miles on the C40.
re: Polling '03 Litespeed Vortex ownersLacticBurn
Jul 9, 2003 4:33 PM
In my opinion (and, that's all it is), the 2001 Litespeeds across the board were the best ones ever built.
If I may be so bold, I'd even say that quality took a turn for the worse starting with the 2002 models.
Don't take my word for it though... look for yourselves at the details of workmanship... the welds, the little "L"s some of the rear dropouts had... offering Taiwan-built aluminum-carbon-titanium gimmick frames.
I'd like some fries with my McTi
forgive me if I blaspheme...
re: Polling '03 Litespeed Vortex ownersRoger H
Jul 9, 2003 7:46 PM
I've had a 2003 for about three months now. After getting over my usual period of buyer's remorse, I've come to really appreciate the bike a lot. It's my first titanium, so I can't compare to the earlier models. I previously had a Fuji steel, A DeRosa Planet with carbon stays, tried a Look KG 381 that was a tad small ( went back to the DeRosa) and then bought the Vortex (used but pefect condition ). As far as handling, the Vortex is way above anything else I've ridden. Climbs great and descends like a dream come true. The stability of it constantly amazes me. I can take my hands off the bars at 30 mph+ and it just doesn't falter a bit. The fit is perfect which helps tremendously.
re: Polling '03 Litespeed Vortex ownerszippi
Jul 9, 2003 11:04 PM
i rode a ghisallo last season, my first bike so i had nothing to compare it to. shop owner talked me into what "he" liked. after an expensive season on a super light weight bike, i learned my lesson. ride what "you" like. light weight isn't always best. sold the ghisallo and got a vortex. what a difference. much stiffer and better handling. stiffer is way better than lighter.

get the vortex, you won't regret it. ti has so many positives. no paint to scratch, easy to clean, many color combinations. if you don't like the yellow stickers, order white or black ones from litespeed.

also, don't buy the complete bike, get the frame and fork, then build with a kit from wise cycle buys. you can get a frame for about 2,300.

make sure get a proper fit. if you think you fit a 53, you might fit a 55. ask c-40 to explain it to you.

good luck

i saw the 2004 litespeed line up and there are no changes to the vortex.
re: Polling '03 Litespeed Vortex ownersmdo
Jul 10, 2003 9:51 AM
Until it was stolen (sob), I loved it. 2003 61cm Vortex. It fit me perfectly--tends to have a longer TT than the Euro frames. Rock solid, but very comfy. Good road feel--like steel but not harsh. I'm a big guy (6'4--250) & had no flex. I loved the look--the shaped tubes were ultra-cool. Not the lightest--with full waterbottles, powertap & aero bars etc came in at 27lbs, however it was built out for long distance training & comfort was key. Carbon seatpost is highly recommended.

However after it was stolen, I didn't have the desire to replace it (it took me about 2-3 months to build it up from ebay parts exactly how I wanted it & I didn't have the heart to try and replicate it). I went with the Time VX Special Pro & couldn't be happier--4lbs lighter, plus the comfort is off the charts. Great road feel & plenty stiff but easy miles. That being said, if I did another road bike, I would go with the 03 Vortex just for the pleasure & stability of riding it.