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Axiom (Performance) HRM "malfunction" question(2 posts)

Axiom (Performance) HRM "malfunction" questionvindicator
Jul 9, 2003 7:39 AM
The last couple of rides my Axiom HRM has been displaying unusually low readings. They go up and down with my perceived exertion, but instead of ranging between, say 130 and 170, they range from 60 to 85. It's not electrical interference, because it happened all along my route this am, not just in certain spots (and it's my normal route that is usually interference-free for 90% of its length), plus a totally different route last night. It doesn't seem to be the battery in the HRM because the clock and stopwatch work fine. I assume it's the battery in the chest strap, but can anyone confirm or refute this? If it's something else I'd rather take care of it now rather than order a new battery only to have it be something else.

The same thing happened to me when right before....Juanmoretime
Jul 9, 2003 7:44 AM
the battery on my Axiom HR -600 pucked out, it was the chest strap battery. I just went to my local drug store for replacement battery, it's a very common watch size. A CR 2025, I think. You just need a cion to open the battery compartment.