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You're Assuming a Lot(1 post)

You're Assuming a Lotpitt83
Jul 9, 2003 4:15 AM
Re-iterating a point from the Kirsten Gum thread yesterday, an article in the NY Times shows just how little base knowledge is out there about competitive cycling.

You'll need to register to get the article.

Basicaly, we're assuming that everyone knows about points competitions, sprinters versus climbers, peletons (even what one is), breakaways, etc.

Many of the authors points I must agree with. Such as: not showing (replaying) how a breakaway happened initially before air-time. Not showing how they're reeled in (cut to cmmercial the gap is 3 minutes, retrun from commercial and they're caught). Why some issues are important and many aren't.

During live coverage, I understand why this is. But, they could polish up the evening show and do it recap style and edit in / out as appropriate.

So, don't bite the hand that feeds you. Let OLN and the reporters explain the basics to an audience which is growing. Just like at the beginning of super bowl coverage they explain some real basic rules, OLN should help attract the newbies. Otherwise, they'll watch once, get frustrated and tune out.