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Finally broke the 20 mile mark(11 posts)

Finally broke the 20 mile markMr Nick
Jul 8, 2003 11:12 PM
I know most of you will think this is pretty wimpy, but I'm excited. Since I bought my first road bike I have been plagued by 20 mile runs. It seemed like something was always holding me back, my hands, my saddle, my lungs. Even when I felt like I had pushed my self I would come back and the computer would say 21 miles. But finally tonight I concured the 20 mile mark. I went out at 9pm and road until 11:30pm and went 34 miles. For me this was a small victory and I'm excited.
re: Finally broke the 20 mile marktmotz
Jul 8, 2003 11:19 PM
Good Job

Sounds like your having fun,keep it up.

Maybe a century in your future.
I can remember....asphalt assault
Jul 9, 2003 1:49 AM
When I thought 15 miles was big it's just a quickie that I do when I'm short of time.

Before long you'l be thinking 20 miles is nothing, just a warmup!
re: Finally broke the 20 mile markrevdre
Jul 9, 2003 2:54 AM
Way to go! 34 miles is a great ride. When I bought my bike thre years ago I almost died doing a 2 mile loop around the store. I thought I was going to vomit. Keep at it and soon a century will seem like fun!
re: Good on you Mate !!Noam
Jul 9, 2003 3:00 AM
Jul 9, 2003 4:18 AM
Well done. Before too long you will be able to double that distance, too.
Just be aware of the disadvantages... a monstrous hunger along with a slim body

re: Finally broke the 20 mile markOwenMeany
Jul 9, 2003 4:41 AM
I, too, recall what I was so proud of myself when I would ride 12-15 a few times during the week with a "long" day of 25 or so on the weekend!

You are on the path to years of great riding, keep it up and never forget to enjoy yourself...

Nicely done!jtolleson
Jul 9, 2003 8:07 AM
And if pain of saddle or hands continues to plague you, get someone to double check your setup. Some of that is an adjustment to road riding, but after a couple of weeks of semi-regular riding, that kind of pain shouldn't hold you back.

Lungs and legs will follow; be sure you keep in a lower (easier) gear and spin your legs quickly. Nothing can burn up quads or lungs as much as pushing such a big gear that riding is like doing 10,000 leg presses.
Jul 9, 2003 9:02 AM
certainly not wimpy!

Set goals, I do, that is what will drive you.
re: Finally broke the 20 mile markaliensporebomb
Jul 9, 2003 10:42 AM

And soon you'll do 40 miles and go "I can make this thing
go pretty darn far away from home".

Then it's even longer distances.

Heh. You'll love it.
Very nicely done.eyebob
Jul 9, 2003 1:05 PM
If you want to assure that you'll do more than 20, don't let yourself turn down familiar roads. Getting a bit lost is a sure way to build miles.......:)