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article about car that hit pack of 25 plus cyclists......(13 posts)

article about car that hit pack of 25 plus cyclists......african
Jul 8, 2003 10:26 AM
there are some other stories linked to this one. Some of my friends and fellow cyclists are really hurt badly. All very sad and what not.....

For more on the accident go to the web site....
whole lot of questions on this onePaulCL
Jul 8, 2003 10:50 AM
Did he claim or just infer that cyclists squirted him with a water bottle??
How could they if they were on the other side of the road?
Drugs? Alcohol? Low blood sugar that caused him to black out?
Remorse?? I don't sense a lot. He seemed to take the attitude that 'bad things happen' and this was a bad thing that happened to the cyclists. A**Hole !!

African...I hope your friends come out OK and can soon be back ont their bikes. I hope they sue this SOB and get all of their medical expenses paid for plus new Record-equipped C-40's. It's the least that should happen.

It sounds as if this man is not a safe driver. Beyond the obvious - the article mentioned that he blacks out occasionally from uncontrolled diabetes. Scary. Very scary.
re: article about car that hit pack of 25 plus cyclists......lampshade
Jul 8, 2003 11:07 AM
What a wierd article. I couldn't figure out what the writer's angle was. What did the guy's wife's death 6 months ago have to do with anything?

His statement about not being sorry or feeling any remorse sounds like another way for him to not admit guilt. If you apologize for an accident, can't that be interpreted as an admission of guilt in court?

I just hope that all the riders recover. It sounded like a few of them got pretty banged up. Keep us updated.
This is a wierd article53T
Jul 8, 2003 11:48 AM
Interesting how the reporter thought to mention the LeMond Buenos Aeries.

This guy was not charged with anything, but how about a ticket for crossing the yellow line?

I get the impression that this guy may have a legitamte mental illness. His comments about the incident and his wife seem incoherent, even through the filter of a reporter and an editor. Perhaps he is profoundly depressed, or some kind of scitso. Any head shrinkers out there?
ditto...he should have gotten a ticketkenyee
Jul 8, 2003 12:43 PM
for crossing the yellow line. Makes no sense why he didn't get one unless the police are planning on charging him w/ driving to endanger or something.

I don't think he should be driving at all (makes you wonder if you'd survive a headon crash with him if you were driving). Sounds like he's had other problems. I can't believe he feels no guilt at all...
mental illness?off roadie
Jul 8, 2003 2:26 PM
With apalogies to any alchohalics (I'm a child of an alchhalic myself), I'd say he sounds like a typical alchohalic personality- recovered or not. He's just not willing or able to take responsability for the consequences of his actions. That's clear just looking at him and reading about his medical condition and history. He's almost certainly got type ii (obisity induced) diabetes and hasn't done what really needs doing to cure it. If its not recent obiosity induced diabetes, then, "sober 18 years" means he was a drunk AND a diabetic at one point, which is about as irresponsable as you can get. I'll offer odds he smokes, too.

But hey he was (until now) "only hurting himself", and that "wasn't really his fault". "I can't be responsable for other peoples lives?" Sounds more like an admission of habitual negelegence to me, than a denial of guilt.

For what its worth, they guy quite likely is suffereing from depression. I'm guessing that because almost anybody would be with the death of a wife, declining health, and no religion or meaningful personal beliefs. That does blunt just about every emotional response a person shows, as well as making people feal powerless to affect (for good or bad) the world around them. I doubt he is truely as calous as he may sound, for what it is worth.

I wouldn't say he is mentally ill. Deeply flawed and somewhat disfunctional, maybe, but not crazy.
What a fruit!!!niteschaos
Jul 8, 2003 12:38 PM
This is when I can plead insanity when I drag him out of the car and beat him until he can no longer operate a 3500 pound ground hugging missle.
Don't disparage fruit...jtolleson
Jul 8, 2003 1:14 PM
by comparing it to this creep!

The water squirt theory makes NO sense, and the lack of remorse is sickening.

EVEN if he truly believes that it wasn't his "fault" in the traditional sense, having no remorse, sadness, or guilt over it is appalling.
I was just in Florida...hycobob
Jul 8, 2003 1:09 PM
And what I saw didn't give me too many warm fuzzies. I was only able to ride 1 out of 7 days (mountainbike crash in poison oak) but that 50 miles around Port Orange, Fl was enough. Cars crowding with 2 open lanes, screaming older drivers, and 1 half-eaten plum bounced off of my head from a passing mini-van doesn't say alot for the bike friendliness of the Sunshine State. At least spending time in the salt water helped me get over the poison oak quicker.
re: article about car that hit pack of 25 plus cyclists......dave woof
Jul 8, 2003 2:06 PM
Pretty obvious to me. He's over the remorse of his wife dying, now it's on to anger. Why should other people be enjoying life when his love has been taken away? My guess is he deliberately ran into these riders. His statements support that - he says

'I think some things have to be left alone," Pastore said. He talked about the pain of losing his wife of 28 years.

"Everything that's happened to me in that last six months has been permanent. It hurts. That's all I'm saying,

Sounds like he wanted someone else to suffe and hurt as much as he has, and this is the way he accomplished it.

I think he did it intentionally.

re: I can't be responsible for other people's lives.cyclopathic
Jul 8, 2003 2:08 PM

Pastore moved from San Diego to Florida several years ago with his wife, Irene Anne, who died Dec. 22.

"I'm not a churchgoing person but I believe in God. I think some things have to be left alone," Pastore said. He talked about the pain of losing his wife of 28 years.

"Everything that's happened to me in that last six months has been permanent. It hurts. That's all I'm saying," Pastore said.

"I can't be responsible for other people's lives. I don't have the power to do that. Life is not always fair, but it is what it is."

this reminds me a story happened ~10 years ago in DC on I-295. 18-year old went to his GF for son's birthday, then on the way back opened window and shot people in car next to him. There was a family hasband/wife/3 year old kid he critically injured husband and killed wife. I am sure his last words were similar if not the same.
Injury ratefiltersweep
Jul 8, 2003 3:39 PM

1/1000 chance of being hurt? That is insane. It reveals a culture TOLERANT of this behavior.

My guess is that driver deliberately ran through the group. Anyone who was involved in an accident would have responded differently. The guy is probably a miserable, anti-social, perhaps psychotic, individual who somehow felt incited by the cyclists (hence his own defense which literally blames one of them). Then the rest of the defense is that it was an accident?! All he needed to do was driver straight ahead and stop if he could not see.

He will likely incriminate himself at some point. He is already "famous" for his actions- which will appeal to his warped sense of narcissism. Perceiving what he believes is a public sympathetic to him, he will slip up and reveal his underlying hostility toward cyclists.... just a thought (or two).
re: article about car that hit pack of 25 plus cyclists......brider
Jul 9, 2003 1:19 PM
Several accounts on TNO of Florida drivers.

Also, one witness said that the drivers window was closed, and that he saw no water spots on the guys shirt.

Speculation was that he was under the influence of medication. Well, he'd have to know that he was impaired from the meds, and decided to drive any way. That's negligeance. But, apparently Florida is fairly tolerant of this type of stuff.