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Millar, Time Trials, and Me(2 posts)

Millar, Time Trials, and MeMikeC
Jul 8, 2003 8:31 AM
Because I get as caught up in the TdF as anyone else, I decided to time trial my regular morning ride today. When I finished, I had a new p.r., but was basically destroyed. I was shaking a little, breathing hard, and couldn't even figure out how to get my shoes off for a few seconds (darn Sidi Energys with those two types of buckles!).
So how does David Millar, who's hammering for his life, manage to calmly reach down and put his chain back on his ring?
I'm willing to accept that he has better bike handling skills than I do, but shouldn't he be at the same ragged edge at the end of a TdF time trial as I was this morning? Heck, I'd have had trouble reacting to a squirrel running in front of me, let alone a loose chain!
My only guess is that pros train at a higher percentage of absolute maximum output than real people do, so their "wall" is less foreign to them than mine is to me, and they handle it better. Or does someone else know the real answer?
re: Millar, Time Trials, and MeJon Billheimer
Jul 8, 2003 9:45 AM
I think you're right. Their lactate tolerance is higher. But if you recall a couple of years ago it was Millar, I believe, when he beat Lance in the Prologue actually fell over into the barrier after he crossed the finish line!