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Saddle sores? or funky rash on my arse?(2 posts)

Saddle sores? or funky rash on my arse?cityfolk
Jul 8, 2003 7:46 AM
I hate talking about such an unpleasant topic, but I have finally had to give in and beg for help!

Over the last two weeks I have developed some weird bumps on the area of my butt that comes in contact with the rear portion of the saddle (the upper upper thigh that connect to the cheeks). I thought they were sweat bumps, but they seem kinda big and I'm not sure.

I've had saddle sores before and have used zinc oxide and the fresh air treatment and it has worked beautifully. Unfortunately, it hasn't worked with the current funk on my butt. They don't hurt, but the area of the bumps has increased (a couple of inches on each side).

This has never happened to me before and I am beginning to worry since it has not gone away. I don't sit in shorts after a ride and I haven't changed detergent. The only thing that has changed in the recent past was my saddle (and the brutal heat). Nothing appeared for the first month after switching, but then again it was below 85 degrees at that time. The saddle is a little softer than my old saddle and I'm wondering if there is more skin contact? Or perhaps it retains more moisture?

Should I just forget it if it doesn't hurt? Or are there any solutions I could try?

Thanks in advance!
re: Saddle sores? or funky rash on my arse?chaquefois
Jul 8, 2003 11:05 AM
Back in the day, everybody used chamois cream with their shorts, but it's become a lost art now. However, a very effective practice to limiting the presence of saddle sores is to rub Noxzema skin cream on your shorts chamois before slipping them on. It's antibacterial and also reduces friction. Good luck.