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First Time Trail(5 posts)

First Time Traillexington476
Jul 7, 2003 6:00 PM
Any pointers for doing a first time trail? I do not have areo bars> Any one know where to get a set at a low price online?
re: First Time TrailFarmer John
Jul 7, 2003 7:25 PM
Doug, my suggestion is to just worry about riding your bike (I seem to tell you that alot). I"m not sure which TT you're planning on doing, but if it is coming up really soon, you won't have adequate time to properly setup your new bars, get used to your new bars and feel comfortable enough on them to allow yourself to go fast on them.

It's a whole 'nother set of parameters you're opening up here.
re: First Time TrailAkirasho
Jul 7, 2003 8:47 PM
... agreed... it's all about maximizing your efficiencies for best speed over the distance... just ride (caveat... don't go out too fast (accellerate, yes... but don't make it a sprint)... or you'll toast within miles).

Also, for future training and race... consider picking up and using an HRM (it doesn't have to be fancy, but you'll have to develop your own zones). I speedo will lie... an HRM will not.

Be the bike.
re: First Time TrailTime Trial dot org
Jul 7, 2003 8:51 PM has an article for new TT'ists
Jul 8, 2003 8:20 AM
Trail: dirt path that mountain bikers use.
Trial: the other thing....