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CAT Brake Calipers & Nokon Routing: Any Reviews???(3 posts)

CAT Brake Calipers & Nokon Routing: Any Reviews???hoya_cycler
Jul 7, 2003 5:11 PM
I'm piecing together parts to build up a Seven Axiom frame.

I want to go all out, being a college student, this will more than likely take a while to build.

Anyone have any thoughts on these calipers?

Any thoughts on the Nokon Aluminum cable housings?
Are they in fact lighter or what?



Here's a link for those who are interested in the calipers:
re: CAT Brake Calipers & Nokon Routing: Any Reviews???AllUpHill
Jul 7, 2003 6:21 PM
One guy on the starbike-weightweenies forum said he'd obtained the cat calipers and that they were doing nicely. That's the only feedback I've heard. I requested that they add the item to the review database on this site, but it hasn't been added yet.

There's more feedback floating around on the nokon cables. I hear they're nice, and yes, lighter.
re: CAT Brake Calipers & Nokon Routing: Any Reviews???russw19
Jul 7, 2003 7:03 PM
I had ordered a pair of the calipers before they were filling orders. I got sick of waiting and cancelled about 2 weeks before they were filling the orders. Guess I should have waited... oh well. They thing is that they are just too damn expensive. I was only going to pay wholesale, as I work in a shop, but even that was too much. They work about as well as the Cane Creek's, but are twice the money and only slightly lighter. I would suggest the Cane Creeks or Brew Race Lights personally. Both are based off an older Dia-Comp design, and both are tried and tested. The Cat Claws are a new design, so that kinda bothered me. Whereas I wanted to be the first on the block to have them, I really didn't want to be the first on the block to ride them, if that makes any sense.

But they work as well as a lightweight single caliper brake works.... but for the money, I think I will just stick with my Record brakes and spend that extra money on beer. Beer makes me much more happy than monkey light parts.


Oh yeah, and about the Nokon cables... I haven't used the Nokon, but I have seen the IRD Metawire stuff. It's kinda nice, and kinda a pain in the butt to route, but the biggest advantage to the IRD stuff is that it WON'T compress. As hard as you hit the brakes... the housing doesn't compress! So I would definately tell you to use that or the Nokon housing if you get those brakes... it will add about 10% to the brake's power from the lack of housing compression wasting energy.