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Lemond Steel v. Giant OCR3 Fit Question(3 posts)

Lemond Steel v. Giant OCR3 Fit Questionsoup
Jul 7, 2003 10:42 AM
My wife recently rented an OCR3 while out of town and came home complaining that her Buenos Aires is not nearly as comfortable as the OCR3. Specifically, the BA causes neck pain-- the OCR did not. She tells me that the front hub was behind the bar on the OCR3. The hub is obscurred by the bar on the BA. Thus it appears that she was more stretched out on the OCR3 than she is on the BA.

I checked the geometry of both. Her 53cm BA has a 9 cm 90 degree stem, 54.5 cm (C-C) top tube, a 73 degree head angle, and a 73.25 seat angle. The medium OCR3 has a 55.5 cm (C-C, effective length) top tube, 73 degree head angle, and a 73.5 degree seat angle. Don't know the stem length.

Should we try a longer stem? Does stretching out a little more relieve neck pain? Seems backwards.


Bar height?Dave Hickey
Jul 7, 2003 11:08 AM
Maybe the bar was higher on the OCR3. I just built my compact LOOK Al384 this weekend and I was surprised the bar is higher(given the same amount of spacers) than my traditional LOOKs. I thought a compact frame would result in a lower bar. I'm not complaining, I prefer a higher bar.
more to it...C-40
Jul 7, 2003 11:21 AM
The difference in STA adds about 3mm to the effective TT length of the OCR, making the total difference 1.3cm.

Considering that you don't know the stem length on the OCR, the saddles were undoubtedly different, and it's doubtful that anyone adjusted the saddle fore/aft position, there is not enough information to conclude that the OCR had a more "stretched out" fit. Most seatposts have 3-4cm of travel and the body position on different brands of saddles can esily vary 1-2cm. These variables are much larger than the difference in TT length.

Stem height is just as important as stem length. Your wife's neck problem could be from a stem that is too low and/or too long. It would be very rare for a more stretched out or lower position to relieve neck pain. The opposite is generally the case. I would be sure that the saddle fore/aft position is reasonable, then try raising the bar height and/or reach and see if that does not cure her problem.

I have to perform neck strengthening exercises to avoid shoulder pain, which is caused from holding my head up for long periods. A simple reistance exercise provides a cure for my pain within a week or so. If I negelect the exercise for too long, the pain returns after a couples of hours on the bike.