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bending sunglasses frames to fit the face(3 posts)

bending sunglasses frames to fit the faceishmael
Jul 7, 2003 9:36 AM
My new glasses keep sliding down my nose. They're made by Briko and I think they're nylon, I was hopeing I could bend them after putting them in hot water so they wrap around my ears better. Any advice?
Sunglasses StoreMisJG
Jul 7, 2003 10:52 AM
Try going to a store that sells sunglasses or regular glasses and see if they can help (Sunglasses Hut, Pearle Vision, etc.). When I bought a pair of prescription Ray Bans (Wayfarer) once, the shop had a machine they put the frame arms on that produced steam. They heated them up and then bent them to fit. If you do it yourself, you could make them too hot and melt them. Much easier to control with that machine. Plus, when I dunked my frame arms in (near) boiling water, it discoloured the plastic. You could always leave them on the dashboard in the hot sun! That made the arms on my sunglasses very pliable! Not so easy to control the amount of heat though. . .
re: bending sunglasses frames to fit the faceup_hiller
Jul 7, 2003 10:55 AM
I've never done it myself, but I have a buddy who did it to some safety glasses. He actually used a heat gun (very carefully), but it seemed to work well. Hot water might work. Other ideas are a warm oven (although if it is too warm and you leave them in too long you might get oven rack indentations on the frame; or a hair dryer, which should work just as well as the heat gun, but you won't have to be quite as careful since it is less powerful.