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Cycling in Olympic Peninsula?(2 posts)

Cycling in Olympic Peninsula?hrv
Jul 6, 2003 4:44 PM
Going at end of July. How's the road biking there? Rolling hills or steep? Realize could get rained out but would bike when not raining. Roads too crowded/dangerous to make it worth it?

Have lived in Oregon for awhile and we finally said it's time to go there. Yeah, seems after Labor Day would be better but we'll take the chance that we'll find seclusion once in awhile, even if it takes a 3 - 5 mile hike. Anyways just wondering if it's going to be worth taking the road bikes.

re: Cycling in Olympic Peninsula?Sep
Jul 6, 2003 5:31 PM
Road riding is just fine up here...

However, the type/length of the ride largely depends on where on the Olympic Pen you are going.

Hwy 101 is little fun, but there are countless backroads and state highways that suit most riders needs.

For the vertically addicted - try a ride up Hurricane Ridge.

For super scenery, try Marrowstone Island and Port Townsend.

If you are in the Port Townsend area there are several super routes. You might want to check out the PTBA website.

BTW it rarely rains in July and August.