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Back from my first ride! Details within ...(3 posts)

Back from my first ride! Details within ...globalhelipimp
Jul 6, 2003 7:49 AM
Well, I ended up ordering a 2003 53cm Lemond Zurich from Geneva Bikes
in NY, and picked it up yesterday. Other things I bought included:
C-dale 8 panel shorts, two jerseys (Saeco and USPS- a little toolish,
I know, but they were on sale), 2002 Sidi Titans, Speedplay X3's,
Giro helmet, and swapped the stock saddle for a Serfas Prolink Gel.
I didn't have time to ride by the time I arrived back home, and
headed out to see the play "West Side Story" for the night with the
family. Came home, stayed up for a little, and fell asleep around

Woke up at 8am, grabbed some granola, threw on my jersey and shorts,
filled up the water bottle, and made sure my tires were at 100psi.
I headed out around the suburbs in my area for about 10 miles, and
then ventured off into the rural parts; saw three other roadies, but
they were headed in the opposite direction. Did some moderate rolling
hills, headed back into the suburbs, and rounded out my first ride
with a little over 23 miles. I definitely enjoyed the rural roads
more, and plan on sticking to them in future rides.

Average speed was 16mph and top speed was 42mph (this route had some
steep inclines/descents- maybe a little less "rolling" hills and
more "straight up", rather).

I felt pretty good, but my butt started to get a little irritated
around 10 miles. I'm assuming it's because the saddle is brand new,
and this is the first time I've ever road biked. I also need to get
some gloves- my hands became sweaty and holding onto the bars wasn't
a hassle, but could've been easier w/ gloves (assumption).

The plan is to do 20-23 mile days, 6 days a week, increasing by

Comments? Suggestions? How'd I do?


re: Back from my first ride! Details within ...CritLover
Jul 6, 2003 7:44 PM
Congrats on your bike - sounds like you had a great first ride! And such a beautiful day to ride here on the East Coast.

It sounds like you must have some foundation to begin with, hearing your ride stats. However, I would consider rethinking your plan. While you might be able to do the 20 mile rides already, it isn't necessary to do them every day in order to up your fitness. It might be better to gradually increase the mileage on 3 or 4 rides a week, but leave the other rides for recovery w/ less mileage.

Also, a 20% increase sounds a little on the high end to me, 10-15% may be more reasonable.

As for saddle sorenesss, that will take a few more days, maybe a week. The last time I was really ill and missed two weeks of riding, I was sore the first day back on the bike. The second and third were tender for the first half hour but would then ease up.

I'm far from an expert, so more advice is welcome.

Good luck with your new ride!
hey CritLover- question for you?globalhelipimp
Jul 6, 2003 10:25 PM
Yes- riding yesterday was amazing. The weather was
incredibly nice, and unfortunately it's looking like rain
tomorrow (today). When you say ride 20 miles 3 or 4 days a
wk, gradually increasing the mileage, do you mean increase
them on each ride thereafter, or only weekly? Also, how
long should my recovery rides be? I like your idea of
recovery because I do feel a little sore today.