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New bib time...(7 posts)

New bib time...OwenMeany
Jul 5, 2003 8:38 PM
I am going to be picking up some new bibs this week or next..I will get some Castelli and PI, as usual, this time I'd like to try out some Assos...

Where is the best place to order from? I get my tires for sdeals, so I am ok with ordering from the UK...Any place in europe to save some bucks, cuz these are some 'spensive shorts...

Any help appriciated...jb
re: New bib time...TheJoker
Jul 6, 2003 1:24 AM
check out

they might not have what you're looking for but they're cheap in general...
Ebay storesfiltersweep
Jul 6, 2003 6:48 AM
...for such brand name items as Castelli, PI, and Assos...
Try here for Assos;KG 361
Jul 6, 2003 11:56 AM Prices were better when the $ didn't s$ck, but they're still good. If you don't absolutely need the Assos, try Santini's @ I just got a pr of the CX's and they're fast becoming my favorites.
Santini CX were my favorites also, butdzrider
Jul 7, 2003 5:18 AM
Nalinis last me far longer. GearLink also has some good deals.
Yep, my Nalini's have lasted forever.KG 361
Jul 9, 2003 7:03 PM
Well, almost. 1st set of good bibs I've owned. Had 2 pr for about 3 yrs. 1 set is shot but the other still is good. Still one of my faves.
Best Assos pricesdasho
Jul 9, 2003 6:25 PM
The best prices for Assos bibs etc. is at You can deduct 15% off their listed price as there is no VAT for the US. I bought a pair of F1.13 bibs for $157 including shipping and they arrived within 8 days of ordering. Make sure to e-mail them and confirm they have your size in stock.