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Aluminum Gradient ZR9000 OR Carbon Fiber(8 posts)

Aluminum Gradient ZR9000 OR Carbon FiberHar
Jul 4, 2003 4:25 AM
Going from Lemond steel to either Kelin Q PRO CARBON or TREK 5200, any suggestions?
re: Aluminum Gradient ZR9000 OR Carbon FiberTNSquared
Jul 4, 2003 10:03 AM
Can't offer an opinion on either of those bikes, but I'm not sure why you reference the ZR9000 alu, which is Trek's proprietary alloy - but it is *not* used for the 5200. The 5200 is carbon fiber, as I'm assuming the Klein is.

If you are interested in the Trek alu, The Trek 2300 is ZR9000. I have one, and I love it. I've not been on a carbon bike so I can't compare, but the Trek 2300 doesn't not have the harsh ride so often attributed to alu frames.
go by fitandy02
Jul 4, 2003 3:23 PM
I have a 5200 and love it but you need to ride and get fit for both. And if roads are rough then carbon really helps
Klein QCarbonrkalik
Jul 5, 2003 1:10 PM
I have a Klein QCarbon and love it. The frame feels great, and the rear carbon stays soften the ride.
Klein QCarbonHar
Jul 5, 2003 5:40 PM
Thanks, rkalik i like the kelin sooooooooooo much, having some difficulty figuring out the size for i am between the 58 and 61. Any suggestions?
Klein QCarbonrkalik
Jul 5, 2003 8:29 PM
I was fitted for a 55" frame on Klein QCarbon, I am 5'9", 162 lbs. How are you planning on buying the bike? Through your LBS? If so, get fitted!

btw, I got my Klein in Reef to Ocean Blue, it rocks. Everyone checks out the bike. And, I upgraded the wheels to MAVIC SSL SC's and added a Bontrager Race Lite stem and handlebar to match the Bontrager FS2000 saddle that shipped with the bike. Good Luck!
Klein QCarbonHar
Jul 6, 2003 2:47 AM
thanks rkalik, oh i am definitely getting fiited, it is just that i am 6-3 and fall between the 2 largest frames, unfortunately i am being told that the trek 5200 will fit me better, soon will find out for i am having the shop contact the Klein rep for some bikes to ride. As for the color, I have your color on my attitude MTB and it is awesome no doubt. What would u think if u saw a guy out ona klein q pro carbon painted in that USW scheme. FOr me i dont THINK i would pay that much extra, but it is a wild looking bike.

How much an upgrade was that wheel set?

Klein QCarbonrkalik
Jul 6, 2003 8:08 PM
Good to hear you're gonna get fitted. The Trek 5200 is a fantastic choice, you can't go wrong with that bike but it's a total carbon frame, right? To me, a Klein bike is unique. The paint, the look and now the new compact geometry. Both bikes are fantastic, but different in their designs.

The wheelset upgrade was an additional $425.00.

btw, what is a "USW" scheme?