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Tell my friend how dangerous this is!(11 posts)

Tell my friend how dangerous this is!the bull
Jul 4, 2003 2:58 AM
Crack on back of headtube on a aluminum GT.
That is the small one this is the big one!the bull
Jul 4, 2003 3:12 AM
Does GT have a good warranty program?
Looks like the headset deformed the head tube...Akirasho
Jul 4, 2003 5:26 AM
... yep, it's a gonner... I could just see that sucker failing during a sprint... not enough disintegrate... but enough to cause a loss of control.

Dunno what GT's current policy is (since their purchase by Pacific).

Be the bike.
Jul 4, 2003 6:42 AM
That crack has propigated to the weld, and I'd bet that it is better than half-way around on the inside of the tube, too. What's likely to happen is that, someday, he'll be standing up, cranking hard, and the top tube will disconnect from the headtube. Or, maybe he'll be doing 40 mph down a hill when he hits a bump.....
This bike is unrideable. It's now scrap metal. Start pulling stuff off the frame and look for a new one.
Any steering related failure is a dangerous one!Tig
Jul 4, 2003 8:46 AM
Front blowout/wheel failure/fork failure/steerer tube/head tube/stem/handlebar failures can put anyone in the ICU quicker than other bike failures. Replace the frame without riding it again.
duct tape time.desmo
Jul 4, 2003 8:39 AM
if he needs convincing that it's too dangerous to ride then it's a lost cause. but as a friend you should wrap it well in duct tape, looping around the the top and down tubes many times. that way when it does break it will be a little less catastrophic, and maybe he won't take anyone else out with him.
The Handyman's secret weaponAtombomber
Jul 5, 2003 12:26 PM
If the women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy.
Have you tried....divve
Jul 4, 2003 9:31 AM
...fixing it with a clone stamp?

excellent work! -nmfiltersweep
Jul 4, 2003 11:30 AM
yeah..that was a productive day for me:) -nmdivve
Jul 5, 2003 4:11 AM
re: Tell my friend how dangerous this is!JFST
Jul 5, 2003 9:38 AM
That headtube can go any time soon. The crack is already around the weld and who knows how much worse it might be on the inside. A hit or torsion can cause it to fail at any point. Its impossible to know for sure. Front end failures are extremely dangerous and nearly impossible to recover from if they happen while riding. Take it to get recycled, maybe he can get a few bucks to be used towards the purchase of a new frame :)