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Has anyone replaced the leather cover on their saddle?(3 posts)

Has anyone replaced the leather cover on their saddle?ol
Jul 3, 2003 8:10 PM
If so, where exactly do you take it. How much would it cost and were the results satisfactory. I have just bought a Fizik Aliente and on inspection the leather seems rather delicate. Some time down the track I have no doubt that it will wear out and I will have to fork out the $$ for a new one. I am just wandering, when the saddle does wear out if I can get the leather replaced.
The leather IS my saddle now, but in the old days ...cory
Jul 4, 2003 8:57 AM
I'm a Brooks guy now, but several years ago I had a bike hanging upside down in the garage and a small leak poured rain into the shell of a leather-covered saddle. It lifted the leather and a little of the padding. I was a poor new father with lots of medical bills, so I glued the padding back into place (stuff called Barge Cement, worked fine, but there are others). The covering had dried and curled, so I used a piece of thin leather I already had (you can buy it at Tandy or a crafts shop). The old covering hadn't been glued to the padding, only at the edges, so I laid a bead of glue 1/4-inch wide all around the bottom of the shell, on both sides, then stretched the leather, pushed it around the edge of the shell and up to the inside and clamped it with clothes pins. Worked for awhile, then started to come loose, so I used a heavy-duty stapler every half-inch or so all around the sides of the saddle. Then, because I'm hopelessly vain, I blacked the staples out with a Magic Marker. It worked for a year or so until I could afford a new seat.
recovering seatovertrained
Jul 4, 2003 11:42 AM
check out this old thread.

SS_MB-7 "Anybody stripped a SLR? Leather wears very quickly...." 6/12/03 12:09pm

I haven't ever done it but a leather repair store should be able to help you.