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Four Bridges Of Elgin(3 posts)

Four Bridges Of ElginSmeagol
Jul 3, 2003 11:36 AM
This weekend is the annual Four Bridges of Elgin race in the Chicago area. It is the only UCI sanctioned race in the United States. I really want to express my beef about the promoter of this race. This race has one of the best courses in the Chicago area. It is a very technical course that provides a lot of excitement. What is up with the promoter though that he can keep reducing the number of laps each year in the lesser catagory races? Take for instance two years ago I finished fifth in the Cat 5 race while I was racing for Team Redline. It was an awesome race, even though it was 3 laps of 5.5 miles. The next year, it was reduced to 2 laps. I got a top 20 in that race. This year, the promoter has reduced the race to 1 lap. Hardly worth the money to pay to enter. This race has so much potential, but the promoter is chasing away the racers that come and support the pro racers and the sponsors that set up food stands and other vital functions. I am not paying this year to race one lap. I hope other lesser catagory racers make a statement to the organizers and do the same.
re: Four Bridges Of Elginoui19
Jul 3, 2003 12:57 PM
Same promoter as Downers Grove..........we are all just contibuting to the Pro's prize list. I raced the Cat 3 at Downers a few years ago.......our race was to be 25 min. plus 2 laps, they were running behind as always and changed our race to 15 min. plus 1 lap. What the heck kind of race is that for $30.00 and 100+ riders on the line.
Just like Downers Grove, it's all about money.MR_GRUMPY
Jul 3, 2003 4:10 PM
The bike races are cut to provide time for the running and skating events. I think that the promoters think that Cat 5's are citizens who won't mind doing only one lap, and who won't mind paying out $20-$25 for a 5 mile race. I'm sitting this one out because the only race that they have that I could do would be the USCF 30+. That race will be just as fast as the Pro, 1-2 race.