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Speedplays or Dura-Ace 7750?(10 posts)

Speedplays or Dura-Ace 7750?shrEd
Jul 3, 2003 6:07 AM
OK, so I can't decide which pedal to go w/ on my new Colnago Dream that I'm building up and I'm looking for any input. I'd be using these pedals w/ Sidi Energy's, if that matters.

I read somehwere that the Speedplay Ti's have a 185 lb. limit - I'm 170, so I guess I'm safe...

Any help is appreciated...Thanks

Both Great You can not go wrong.Maartin
Jul 3, 2003 7:12 AM
If you really like Looks you will love the the Dura-Ace. I like them because they are stable when walking into small stores, cafes along the route. Speedplay cleats are slippery. The Speedplays seem more love or hate. Speedplays look cool and are excellent. Read all the reviews.
speedplay X2C-40
Jul 3, 2003 7:15 AM
Switched from LOOK to speedplay about 5 years ago. No regrets. They work great with Sidi shoes. The cleat fits right into the recessed sole and place the foot very close to the pedal.

It does take a couples of rides to get used to the float and some folks never do.

I personally wouldn't waste the money on the Ti model. The X2 is lighter than most other pedals, even with the cleat weight.
X2 my vote as wellTNSquared
Jul 3, 2003 8:32 AM
I switched from spd's. When I got on my mtb last week for the first time in months, I couldn't believe how rigid and hard to clip out the spd's were.
IMHO: speedplay X2 ROCKS!!coonass
Jul 3, 2003 12:01 PM
Never any adjustments to make; just clip in and ride...I've never accidently disconnected; something that I experienced occasionally with SPDs....(that'll make your HRM go into cardiac arrest when you want to attach a hill or sprint and find yourself disconnecting)...
re: Speedplays or Dura-Ace 7750?Juanmoretime
Jul 3, 2003 9:35 AM
I've been riding Speedplay for about 12 years and the last 5 on X1's, I'm 170 pounds. No problems at all although I don't think I would pay retail for them. Unless your gettting a deal, X2's are fine. FYI I did get a deal on my two sets of X1's.
No miles on the Dura Ace, but I do LOVE my SpeedplaysGregory Taylor
Jul 3, 2003 10:02 AM
I've not tried the new Dura Ace pedals, but I do have miles on my Speedplay X-2s. Great Pedal. Make my old SPD's seem like the stone age. I love the float and the smooth disengagement. The only criticism with the X-2's are that the cleat mechanism can pick up dirt if you walk around in them. Not a biggie. Buy the cleat covers.
dura-ace 7750kanekikapu
Jul 3, 2003 10:36 AM
well both pedal are good... but i perfer the DA ones cuz they are easier to take care of... i happened to talk about pedal w/ my buddies who ditch his speedplay x-1's... he was complaining about how the cleat and the pedal itself, yes, the pedal groove started to worn out after 1+ years of racing.. one this start to happen, the platform is unstable cuz it wrobble here and there... so far, the shimano had no mistakes that i heard from any users, plus the cleats are cheaper to replace and easier to walk.
re: Speedplays or Dura-Ace 7750?Broomwagon
Jul 3, 2003 12:37 PM
I used to ride the original Dura Ace pedals (PD-7401) before switching to Speedplay X-2s back in 1995 after having my left knee scoped. I've been riding the same pedals ever since. I just bought new cleats to go along with new shoes but I'm still riding the same pedals going on 8 years now.

No problems at all or adjustments necessary. The only thing that I would caution is that if you walk on loose dirt, gravel or sand, you'll want to clean the cleats as the spring will get gunked up a little. An old toothbrush or the Park gear brush will take care of that in no time.
Well I have tried them all and.......Morgan
Jul 3, 2003 1:45 PM
I am currently riding on the new DA's. I really do like them. Had the speadplays and the Hot Spots were torture. Then went to looks which were a big improvement in comfort the the DA's super stable, easy to walk in, cleats last longer. If you do get speed plays make sure the soles of your shoes are very stiff.