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Speedplay Zero vs. Time Impact(5 posts)

Speedplay Zero vs. Time ImpactDathon
Jul 2, 2003 2:23 PM
I am currently using Speedplay Frogs on my road bike. I can ride about 30 miles with those pedals without any problems. After that, I get hot spots on my soles, especially on hills. I am not surprised - the Frog cleats are very small.

I like the free float of the Frogs, and also like the inward stop that keeps you from bumping your foot on the chainstay. It is easy to walk in shoes with the Frog cleats too.

I want to get road pedals that have the good features of the Frog, but with a larger platform. The two pedals that seem most likely to do this are Speedplay Zero and Time Impact. Does anyone have a suggestion of which would work better for me?
What shoes are you wearing?ZeGopha
Jul 2, 2003 3:41 PM
I'm running Speedplay Zeros right now. I love the ability to custom dial your float. I run the Nike Pogio with the carbon sole and I don't have problems with hotspots. I like the Speedplays, but if you run with them make sure you get s superstiff shoe and you shouldn't have any problems.
I was in the same boatandy02
Jul 2, 2003 5:39 PM
I got the zero with the shim but if you like a lot of float then get the X for less money and weight. the zero is more for people that need/want less float
What shoes are you wearing?Dathon
Jul 2, 2003 8:21 PM
I have SIDI Dominator Mega 3 MTB shoes and SIDI Genius 3 Mega road shoes.
re: Speedplay Zero vs. Time Impactwilsonc
Jul 3, 2003 5:45 AM
I tried both, and didnt like the impacts because the float was not free. I'm using the zeros now and love them. btw, i'm using them with sidi energy 2 shoes.

based on your description, i'd go with the speedplays.