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Poll with ulterior motive - How much $ is your daily gear?(53 posts)

Poll with ulterior motive - How much $ is your daily gear?lc21998
Jul 2, 2003 9:53 AM
I need some moral support here:

I'm still fairly new to road biking and don't have nearly as much time for the bike as I'd like. (I ride a couple of times a week.) I still haven't found a pair of shoes that fit me well and my current shoes cause part of my left foot to go numb. Last week the LBS showed me a pair of Sidi Genius Lorica's that felt incredible. They also cost about $195. I have a wife and three kids and spending that money makes me feel like I'm not a good enough rider to warrant it, etc.

So I thought I'd reassure myself by proving that there are much worse profligate spenders than me. So here's the question: How much money did you spend on your average gear for a typical ride? (I'm not asking for how much you spent over your cycling career, just on what you've got on a typical day. Include whatever you've got with you.)

Here's my answer:
Klein Quantum - $600 used
Lake shoes - $49 on sale
Giordana jersey - $25 on sale
Shorts - under $25 on sale
Helmet - Free - stole from my wife
Sunglasses - Rudy Projects w/ prescription inserts about $200

That's about it. So I've spent about $900. What about you?

Bonus question: Do I deserve the Sidi's?
the lower end sidi fit just as well I have had both (nm)andy02
Jul 2, 2003 10:04 AM
Only if you replace your wife's helmet! nmdzrider
Jul 2, 2003 10:06 AM
re: Poll with ulterior motive - How much $ is your daily gear?Humma Hah
Jul 2, 2003 10:09 AM
Bike: $90 in 1971.
Powdercoat: 360
Upgrades: Who knows, maybe $500?
Shorts: Dickies, under $20 at Sunny's Surplus
Shoes: Hiking shoes, about $25 at Sunny's, on sale
(The bike has platform pedals)
Jersey: My usual work shirt.
Helmet: $35, on sale at Performance.
Mirror: Under $10.
Glasses: ... Over $500 if I recall. Rx gradient bifocals, photogrey, featherweight, with Marchon Flexon frames.

If you feel guilty for spending the money, don't. Maybe they can be persuaded to give them to you for a gift. I think you're probably entitled to them, but only you know your family's financial needs and priorities.
What shirt do you wear to work? A dress shirt w/ french cuffsFez
Jul 2, 2003 10:42 AM
and a tie, or a bike jersey?

And yes, it sucks having to wear Rx glasses. Most are usually $500+. Makes Rudy Projects and Oakleys seem cheap for those 20/20 folks.
Casual percale ...Humma Hah
Jul 2, 2003 10:52 AM
... Knits get too hot. Never French cuffs, and if I had to wear a tie, I'd quit. In the summer, its short sleeves.

I keep a cheap white jersey in the desk drawer, and will bring my MTB shorts, if there's a chance of getting in a decent ride after work.
We're closeScot_Gore
Jul 2, 2003 10:10 AM
I can see from your gear list that, like me, you look for bargains. We're very similiar
Specialzed Allez Used (stock wheels and components): $1100.00
New Seat: $50.00 (on sale)
Pedals Speedplays: $100.00 (with some free bike assembly in the bargain)
Lake CX125 (discontinued Sale Item) $50.00
Gore Bike Wear Jersey: (Overseas Internet Splurge for the fun of it) $60.00 + about $10.00 to get it here.
Gore Bike Shorts; (same as Jersey) $70.00 + $10.00
Helmet: (discontinued Sale Item) $45.00
Sunglasses: Rudy's with RX $250.00
Seat Bag: $40.00
Inflator: (Sale privce) $10.00
16g Threaded CO2 (3): $16.00 (pay for ease)
Bottle Cage: (bottom line AL) $5.00
Bottle: (cheapo stuff) $2.00
Mini Tool: $40.00

I'll Play alongSoftrider
Jul 2, 2003 10:11 AM
Bike - Softride R1 - $2,500
Shorts - Voler bibs $55
Jersey - Whatever T-shirt I happen to be wearing at the time
Shoes - Lotto purchased about 1987 $?
Helmet - Bell Razor purchased in 1994 $100
Gloves - Trek $18
Sunglasses - AOSafety $10 at Lowes (don't laugh, they work)
The joy of being on the road - priceless
I wear same sunglassesgeeker
Jul 2, 2003 2:07 PM
Bike "Team GT" cyclocross purchased used $700
Shorts - various bibs or shorts, nothing cost over $20
Jersey - various, nothing over $20
Shoes - Time MTB shoes $50 from Nashbar
Helmet - Schwinn Typhoon, cost in low $20s iirc
Sunglasses - AOSafety $10 from Lowes
Pedals - Speedplay Frog $129 (recent splurge)
Glad to see that I'm not the only geek!.......nmSoftrider
Jul 3, 2003 4:57 AM
re: Poll with ulterior motive - How much $ is your daily gear?Crankist
Jul 2, 2003 10:18 AM
Last winter I calculated that it cost me ~$750 just to dress for the commute to work. Therefore it would take 375 commutes to amortize the clothing cost through gas savings; I think I've done about two dozen.
oh god no.........african
Jul 2, 2003 10:19 AM
Fondriest $3000 plus or Colnago $2500 plus depends on distance riding.
carnacs $45 e bay used
jersey $35 e bay rlx polo
shorts $35 e caps
socks $10
helmet $140 e bay
rudy projects prescription $250
gloves $10

Bonus answer, look on e bay for cheap shoes.... like I did.
Hmmmm. Fun!Kristin
Jul 2, 2003 10:29 AM
I'll post my cheapest day:

Voler Bibs - $45
Club Jersey - $51.50
Defeet Socks - $3.75 Nashbar sale
PI Whiteline gloves - $22.79
Shades - $35.76
Helmet - Helios - $60 on sale
Addidias shoes - Compliments of RBR poster girlfriend who didn't like cycling after all.

So clothing total: $218.80

Oh my Gooooood!!! This is outrageous! No wonder I'm always on the fringe of bankrupcy. And I've been trying to justify my bike expendatures by commuting to work. Car insurance and gas sure as hell don't cost me what I'm spending on bike clothes. This is depressing.
similar neighborhood...Andy M-S
Jul 2, 2003 10:32 AM

Bridgestone RB2 bought used, plus considerable updates - $700 (but much was paid by insurance)
Nike shoes, bought on closeout at $19
Jersey - $30
Shorts - $25
Helmet - $90 (paid by insurance)
Commute bag (Carradice LSLF) $55
Zefal pump, plus repair kit - $25

Spouse and 4 kids...

Personally, I'd find spending $200 on shoes a bit might look into positioning and foot beds first...
re: Poll with ulterior motive - How much $ is your daily gear?TWD
Jul 2, 2003 10:41 AM
I don't know how much my stuff totals up to, depends alot on which bike I'm riding, what time of year etc.... It's probably more than I care to know.

However, cycling is the one thing I spend money on. I don't spend much on anything else. My wife rides too, so she understands. Also, she knows that I don't get stuff on a whim, and always look for the best deals.

I commute to work by bike every day, so as a consequence we can get away only owning one car. That saves us $500 per year alone in car insurance, not to mention gas money, and the cost of buying and maintaining a second car. I read somewhere that the average cost of owning a second car is like $3000/year. Don't know for sure, but when you total up car payments, gas, repaairs, insurance, and depreciation, it seems about right. So, I figure $3000/year will support my bike habit nicely, though I doubt I spend near that amount.

At any rate, back to your problem with the shoes. The Sidis are great shoes. They are expensive, but the last forever (I've had my dominator 2s since 1996, and have put probably 40,000 miles on them between road, mtb, cross, and commuting). That works out to be really cheap considering I've abused them for 8 seasons and they're still going strong.

Better still, you can find a good deal on the one's you want if you look for them. I finally broke down and bought myself some road shoes and pedals this year after nearly killing myself with spd pedals in a crit last year.
I got my Genius 4s at (they're in Ireland). The cost was $109 plus $16 shipping and I had them in two days. Can't beat that. That was a couple of months ago, and the exchange rate isn't as good now, but they will still be a lot cheaper. If you know you like the Sidis, and know your size. Go for it.
Exhaustive list...t0adman
Jul 2, 2003 10:48 AM
I do much of my purchasing in plunges and I'm in the middle of one right now.

2002 Lemond Zurich $1,300 used
Speedplay X2 pedals $140 (discounted)
Sidi Genius 4 Super Mesh $180 (discounted)
Giro Boreas $120 (on sale)
Jersey $40 probikekit
Bibs $50 probikekit
Gloves $10 probikekit
PI Socks $9 REI
Rudy Project Ekynox + lenses $120
Zefal pump $15
Multitool free from 2002 RSVP
Tube $6
Tire irons $3
Patch Kit $2
Water bottles 3 x $6 = $18
GU gel $1.50
Camelback (longer rides) $30
Cylce computer $100

I recommend getting a good shoe that fits you well. Consider that it will last much longer than any of your other shoes. If you spend $200 and it lasts you 6 years (or more), they become a lot more affordable. Go for it, you'll be glad you did.
Jeez..and I thought my wife was expensive!PaulCL
Jul 2, 2003 11:54 AM
2003 Aegis Victory w/Record retail: $4500
Sidi Genus 3: $150
Limar 107: $90 (on sale)
Jersey: various $50
Bibs: voler $50
socks: $5.00
Gloves: $10
Rudy Skeey sunglasses: $100 four years ago
2 extra tubes: $5.00
CO2 inflator + cartrides: $20
Ergobrain: $99 on sale but then subtract $50 gift certificate
Water bottles: $7.00
2 cliff bars: $4.00
patch kit: $2.00
Multitool: $15
Tire irons: $3.00
vittoria corsa tires: $60 from Ebay
Cell phone in back pocket: $50
Timex watch: $60
Sunscreen: pennies

Am I worth it?? No way. Who cares, I'm having fun.
This is gonna hurt...biknben
Jul 2, 2003 10:50 AM
Today's ride:
Bike = C'Dale +/- $3500
Helmet = Giro Pneumo = $150
Glasses = Oakley M Frames = $110
Mirror = $15
Jersey = Voler = $40
Gloves = PI Gel-Lites= $30
HRM = Polar = $300
Shorts = PI MicroSensor= $100
Socks = PI = $7
Shoes = Sidi Genius = $180
Saddlebag (stuffed) = $30

Well, that amounts to $4462. Yeah, I knew that was gonna hurt! win. nmKristin
Jul 2, 2003 11:03 AM
Not even close...merckx56
Jul 2, 2003 1:10 PM
Look AC353 with D/A and Mavic Classic pros--$4000
Giro Pneumo-$125
Voler shorts-$45
Santini jersey-$45
Diadora Veloce EV shoes-$239
Prescription Oakley Twentys-$375

$4829 to commute to work!

Kristin- How far are you from Phoenix?

Jul 2, 2003 1:28 PM
You obviously don't have a wife or a budget. How far from Pheonix? Not sure. Three weeks or 2 hours depending on the mode of transportation. But I'm not planning any podium appearances this year. :-P
Jul 2, 2003 3:52 PM
I have one of the two but I'm not telling which!
$5990 ...don't tell never mindalansutton
Jul 2, 2003 1:48 PM
Bike: Calfee custom- full Record/goodies/AMCwheels: $4400 to $4700 (at team discout- depending on wheels)
Helmet: Giro pneumo $175
Polar HRM: $200
Bib shorts: Cannondale brand team outfit: $125
Jersey: Cannondale brand team outfit $100 (expensive!)
Shoes: Sidi Energy: $225 (on sale)
Glasses: Smith Toaster w/ clear prescription lens: $100 (team discount w/Smith)
Socks: Defeet team color $7
Gloves: PI full finger: $35
2 tubes: $10
El Cheapo mini pump: $10
Food: $3
Cell phone: ericsson t39m $250

Dang, I needed Excel to figure the bike price alone!

ps. love- if you're reading this- remember our vacation coming up is already paid for...
I knew would blow me away...biknben
Jul 2, 2003 5:31 PM
Some people have just bikes that cost more than my total.

I didn't expect to win any prizes.
Option 1 or 2; Same Amount of Fun Either WayFez
Jul 2, 2003 10:52 AM
Option 1:
Titanium bike - Major Bling ($$$$$)
Sidi Shoes w/ Time pedals $400
Poser Jersey $80
PI Microsensor Poser Shorts $120
Giro Pneumo Helmet $160

Option 2:
Old steel road bike - already paid for, fast enough, but small resale value so not worth selling
Diadora Mtn shoes w/ SPDs - $50
Cheap solid wicking T-shirt - $25
Comfortable black bike shorts - $50
Old Bell helmet - $50

I've done both and its equally fun either way.
More -- how much . . .ms
Jul 2, 2003 10:57 AM
I'm not saying. My wife knows that I post here and I don't want to take the risk that she will read how much I have spent. We have an agreement: she does not ask how much I spend on my hobbies and I do not ask how much the phone bills and other wife-generated expenses are. Let me say this: in warm weather, the cost of my gear EXCLUDING THE BIKE is less than your whole list, but not by much. Add a jacket, booties, and other cold weather or rain gear and I am over.

Of course you deverve the Sidis. Do you think that your kids feel guilty when they get you or your wife to buy the latest game or overpriced piece of clothing that they want? Does your wife feel guilty when she spends money on her hair (if your wife is over 40 and does not have visible gray hair I can assure you that she spends a lot of money keeping the gray hidden) or clothes? To borrow a phrase from a competitor of Sidi: Just do it.

My current question: Should I buy another pair of Sidis and another Giro Pneumo helmet so that I have a substitute when the shoes and helmet get wet (the helmet usually dries overnight, but the shoes don't). Rain is beginning to fall as I look out of my window.
re: Poll with ulterior motive - How much $ is your daily gear?SpecialTater
Jul 2, 2003 10:57 AM
Specialized Allez Elite Cro Mo $1410
Specialized Road Shoes $Free w/ bike
Shimano SPD pedals $Free w/ bike
Specialized computer $Free w/ bike (it's a cheapie)
Polar a3 HRM $75
Pedros saddlebag $15
Shorts (Pearl Izumi closeouts) $20
Jersey $35
Specialized S-1 Helmet $50 w/ bike
Tubes/Tool/Pump/Inflator $35
Oakley Half Jacket Glasses $75

I'm looking for SIDI shoes and some new pedals. I'd also like a wireless computer w/ cadence so all the "free" stuff will "go away".
re: Poll with ulterior motive - How much $ is your daily gear?andy02
Jul 2, 2003 10:59 AM
ok I give in I didn't want to think about this
helment 80 on sale
jersey 30
short perl ultrasensor 25 performance in store closeout on size XS
socks defeet 8
shoes sidi onsale 90
glasses rudy's 110
gloves 20
5200- 2200
speedplay zero 170
bottles 12 for 2
cages 45 for 2
saddle bag 15
gels 2 for 2
acceleraid ? per bottle -- 30 for 4.5 lbs can
tube 5
patch kit 4
tire tool 6
bike tool 12
rescue inhaler 7 (with insurance)
cell phone 200
house key for riding 6
re: Poll with ulterior motive - How much $ is your daily gear?andy02
Jul 2, 2003 11:09 AM
forgot polar HR s120 90
axiom 8c 20
Looking at it from the wrong angle...Marketing Dept
Jul 2, 2003 11:07 AM
Super duper cool bike $2,000
Cool poser clothes $ 100
Helmet, shoes etc $ 250

The feeling of flight, sunrises and sunsets missed by 99.9% of earths population, being 40 years old with 30" waist and having the stamina of a bull elephant

re: Poll with ulterior motive - How much $ is your daily gear?WrigleyRoadie
Jul 2, 2003 11:20 AM
What I'm about to put on for a fast ride...

'02 Litespeed Hyperion: 1200 (w/o wheels)
Rolf Prima Vigors: 850
Upgrades (tires, slr ta, alien, deda bar, look stem, Look CX7): 700
'02 Bell Ghisallo: 125
Nike gloves: 10
Performance socks: 5
Sidi Energy: 250
Pearl Izumi jersey: 50
Pearl Izumi 3D shorts: 100
Computer: 50
Tools: 30
Rudy Project Freeon - Ebay- 65

Grand Total = $3435.00 Youch!
Ok, here's my list for a typical ride...MVN
Jul 2, 2003 11:22 AM
Trek 5200 (just got it)-$2400
Sigma Sport BC 1400 -$28
Giro Pneumo (40th birthday present to myself)-$175
Voler bibs -$45
Giordana closeout jersey -$20
Sock Guy socks -$10
Sidi G4 -$190
Specialized BG Comp gloves -$18 (closeout)
Rudy Kerosene -$110
Cages - (2) Tacx Tao -$30
Trek seat bag - got with credit from saddle off 5200
Flat stik tire iron - $3
Tube - $3
3 CO2 carts. - $6
Mini-tool - $10
Innovations Micro-flate - $8
LOOK PP337 pedals - $58 closeout from
1 pair Bausch and Lomb contact lenses (approx. $15 pair)
2 CarbBoom gels - $2.50
Sprint cell phone

This is not counting all the other stuff I buy. CarbBoom gels, Clif bars, my other bike (just under $1000), tires, razors and blades for leg-shaving, etc. The Giordana jersey is my favorite out of 2 team jerseys and another Colorado Cyclist jersey I have. Funny, it's the cheapest. I've also gone through several pairs of gloves trying to find what works well for me, finally settled on the Spec. Comp. I try to find bargains wherever I can, and I also do my best to support my lbs because of the great service and advice, and also good deals from time to time. You can probably find less expensive shoes somewhere and they'll work fine. It just depends on what you want to do. If you'll feel guilty, then wait on the Sidi's and get something else. I started out with inexpensive Specialized MTB shoes and Shimano mountain pedals. I used them for a year until I got the Sidi's. I've never regretted my Sidi's, though. They're great. I didn't think I deserved them when I got them, but boy did my feet thank me, lol. No more hot spots (a problem for me with the M515 pedals I was using at the time)! The Sidi's did make cycling more fun and more comfortable for me, though. That being said, only you know if you deserve them.
Hope that helps. Good luck with your decision!


P.S By the way, I've kept a running list of everything I've bought (except tubes and CO2) for me and my wife since 1999. I'm afraid to add it up!
re: Poll with ulterior motive - How much $ is your daily gear?MR_GRUMPY
Jul 2, 2003 11:34 AM
Gunnar W/ DA - $$$
TCR W/ DA - $$$
Bianchi TSX W/ Chorus - $$
Shimano R211 shoes - $100 (Shop deal)
Voler jersey - $50 (Team deal)
Voler bibs - $50 (Team deal)
Helmet - $50 (Shop deal)
Sunglasses - $100 (Shop deal)

Unless the Sidi's have Carbon soles, don't pay that much.
$ is your daily gear?marcoxxx
Jul 2, 2003 12:01 PM
helmet 160 gio
shoes 90 goriona(sp)
socks 10 defeet
jersey 45 cannondale
shorts 45 sugio
gloves 20
shades 130 rudy
total 500 ohh

you deserve the best but get what you can afford

Now that's a loaded questionMel Erickson
Jul 2, 2003 12:17 PM
I'm sure your wife will not be impressed with your line of reasoning when you show her the results. Besides, which day you talking about? The day I ride my single speed. I originally bought the frame in the 70's for $25. Most recently spent about $245 to convert it to an SS including new powdercoat. Or do you want the day I ride my mountain bike? $1,500 there for the bike. In between is my regular road ride which I bought used for $700. Lets use that one.

Softride Solo - $700
Vittoria shoes - $90
Sock Guy socks - $7
Voler bibs - $45
Voler jersey - $45
Performance gloves - $12
Rudy Project RB3 sunglasses w/prescription insert - $170
Bell Influx helmet - $45
Giant seat bag w/contents - $40
Cateye computer - $13
Total - $1,167

Amortize that and it's much cheaper than golf! Plus, I get alot more use out of my biking equipment.
A bargain hunter's listbigrider
Jul 2, 2003 12:30 PM
Bike Trek 5200 used 500.
Bibs Performance Elite 45.
Shoes Specialized MTB 10.
Jersey Voler Club 30.
Helmet Specialized Cobra 35.
Shades Fake Oakley M Fr. 4.
Gloves Crotchet Retro 8.

Not a bad total for quality stuff. I bought the bike used with 8 speed and wore out the stuff and bought a 9 speed upgrade kit, snapped a crank so bought new BB and crankset.
elitist, snobby, conspicuously consuming roadie pig - meterry b
Jul 2, 2003 12:33 PM
bike: anywhere between $2000 and $4500
shoes: Sidi Energy - $159
sox: PI attack $6
jersey: $60
bibs: Santini Twist Gel $89
goop: Chamois butt'r $.10 per ride
sunscreen: Coppertone Sport Gel $.05 per ride
Helmet: Pneumo $129
Sunglasses: Briko Sprinter $110
gloves: Assos summer gloves $39
bag: levers, tubes, cartridges, inflator $38
knife: Browning one thumb opener $49
cell: Motorola v60i free (on-call at work)
water: Camelbak Razor (if it's hot outside) $49
copy, paste, then insert my ownThe Human G-Nome
Jul 2, 2003 12:47 PM
bike: Ciocc $3500, Univega $1100
shoes: Sidi Energy - $120
sox: $4-7
jersey: $20-$70
bibs: $39-80
goop: Chamois butt'r $.10 per ride
sunscreen: Coppertone Sport/ free
chapstick: $1.50
Helmet: MET $95
Sunglasses: Rudy Project $40
gloves: "free with purchase"
back pocket: levers, tubes, pumps $42
cell: 40 bucks a month
food: Balance bars, 6 bucks
water: with Accelerade, maybe a buck
plus cash, credit card: 50 bucks + credit

total: ~$4352.60 give or take a hudred bucks
if you throw in the fact that i own 3 helmets, 20 pairs of socks, 10 jerseys, 5 bib shorts, etc., etc. then it just starts getting ridiculous. no wonder rent is going to be tough this month.
Try some other shoe ootions...t-bill
Jul 2, 2003 12:45 PM
before you plop down that much $$$ on shoes, try some other options. There are lots of good option out there for a lot less money.

My typical ride (warm weather)
Voler shorts $35 on sale 2-3 times a year
Colorado Cyclist jersey = $20 on sale last winter
PI gloves = $20
Look shoes = $80 on sale (and very, very comfy)
Giro Escape Helmet = $35 on sale at Sierra TP
Total = $190 = same as the Sidi's alone

Tha bike is something totally different. I am totally unworthy of the quality, and won't embarrass myself by descibing it or my lack of fitness.
come to think of it....The Human G-Nome
Jul 2, 2003 12:58 PM
no cable television because i don't have any time to watch it because i'm always riding: $49 a month, $600 a year
no car because i don't need one: $6000 (very conservative)
no gasoline every week: ~$2000 a year
no car insurance in San Francisco: ~$1200
no parking tickets in SF: ~$1000

well, you get the idea. i'm saving at least $10,000 just by cycling so i figure i'm still in the black no matter what stupid item i buy on EBAY next.
hey, no kidding!t0adman
Jul 2, 2003 1:26 PM
I don't have a car, pay for gas, get tickets, (I do pay insurance so I can drive other people's cars), but I do need OLN! I guess I'm saving money too although it seems like I'm always spending.
Whoa, I'm not as cheap as I thought....cory
Jul 2, 2003 2:05 PM
I always thought I was the low-ballest semi-serious cyclist out there. Nice to see I'm not...
I figured my current bike might be my last one, so I bought exactly what I wanted. Not my fault it was a $950 Atlantis. With garage parts, I have about $1400 in it.
Other stuff:
Shoes: $40 a pair (size 50, only choices are 40-buck Diadoras or $195 Sidis).
Shorts: Three or four pairs of what was on sale at REI or in some catalog. Average probably $40-$50.
Jersey: Won't wear one, don't own one. T-shirts, plus two KILLER CoolMax T's from Sierra Trading Post.
Helmet: Bell Something now, $80 (same problem as the shoes--I wear about an 8 1/4).
Gloves: $13, REI. In winter, XC ski gloves.
Glasses: Rx photogreys. Free (free to cycling; I had to buy them anyway).
Everything else, for instance winter clothing, does double or triple duty as ski, hiking or bringing-in-firewood gear.
All inAtombomber
Jul 2, 2003 2:05 PM
Shoes, shorts, jersey, eyewear, helmet, gloves, HRM, bike, tools, pump, computer.... $4000. Even more when the temperature drops and I start wearing tights, shoe covers, jackets, vests, arm, leg and/or knee warmers.

A good pair of shoes will make riding more enjoyable. They last a long time, so it is not money thrown out. Find out how much wifey spent on her shoe collection, you'll be surprized at how much women spend on footwear and accessories.
re: Depends on the ride and Day?Morgan
Jul 2, 2003 2:11 PM
Well that depends on the ride:
Cannondale R2000SI with Dura Ace ($2800) or Merlin XL compact ($3800)

Specialized gloves = 24.00
Polar Heart Rate monitor on handle bars = 170.00
Time X heart rate monitor/watch on wrist = 120.00
Castelli Team Kit (jersey and Shorts, vest) 120.00
Pearl Izumi socks = 9.00
Carnac Shoes 200.00
Shimano Dura Ace Pedals 300.00 (high $ because bought them when they came out)
Bell Phi Helmet 49.00
Spare Tube = 5.00
Crank Brother mini pump = 12.00
St Christopher and Cross on chain around neck = priceless

Grand Total
Cannondale = 2800.00
Merlin = 3800.00
Gear = 1009.00
My Daily Gearaerox
Jul 2, 2003 2:25 PM
Note: ALL prices are in Canadian currency

Bike - Pinarello Asolo (Cromor) w/Chorus'88 = $1600 (LBS)
Pedals - Dura Ace LOOK =$200 (Bike Nashbar@1989)
Shorts - Descente bibs = $50 (eBay)
Jersey - Pearl Izumi (3/4 zipper) = $21 (eBay)
Shoes - Diadora (all leather) = $75 (clearance/LBS)
Helmet - Giro Air Attack = $125 (LBS)
Gloves - Descente = $18 (Tri-Zombies?)
Sunglasses - NONE (I wear Rx)
Total = $2100 (YIKES...I'm not worthy!!)

$195 for Sidi's is pricey. Maybe you should buy the cycling shoes in the OFF-Season?
Use, save a ton. (NM)Dave Waber
Jul 2, 2003 6:36 PM
re: Poll with ulterior motive - How much $ is your daily gear?John Ryder
Jul 2, 2003 6:54 PM
Here we go. All in Canadian dollars.

Bike: Litespeed Ultimate W/Dura-ace 9 - Mavic TDF Ksyriums SL's.... etc. $9000. I got receipts.

Shoes: Sidi Energy's $325

Sunglasses: Oakley Racing Jackets w/prescription $550

Socks: Cannondale (black) $12

Shorts: Sugoi Ultimate $70

Jersey: About $100 - I've got 23 and thats about the average.

Helmet: Giro Boreas $220

Watch: Dura-ace 25th anniversary $550 - that's what I paid to get it.

Tools: Crank Bros multi 17 $30
Campy seatpost bolt $5
Co2 Ultraflate w/2 extra 16g threaded Co2 $50
Extra tube $6

Camelbak: Siren $70

That's about it.
re: Poll with ulterior motive - How much $ is your daily gear?aliensporebomb
Jul 3, 2003 6:49 AM
I hate to do this because it's cruel. I've gotten
more than my fair share in gifts because my family
and friends buy me cycling stuff.

Giant TCR2 roadie < $1400
Specialized Enduro Pro helmet (last years model on sale - $40, normally $90)
Bolle Rogue sunglasses with Rx insert $500 (paid for by work healthcare flexible spending account! Yes!)
Specialized fingerless padded cycling gloves - $10
Diadorra Cosmos road shoes $50 [they were store display models, new in box]
Two Cateye LE300 5-led Headlights for Commuter Bike
Two Cateye multi-LED taillights for Commuter Bike
Specialized Crossroads Commuter bike $250 or so

Now the cruel part...

Camelbak Lobo [rec'd as gift from cycling friends]
Crank Bros. mini pump [rec'd as gift from cycling friend]
Park Tool tire levers & patch kit [rec'd as gift]
Pearl Izumi cycling shorts [rec'd as gift from wife]
Giordana ONCE team jersey [another gift from wife]
Specialized Underseat bag [gift from cycling friend]
Pearl Izumi cycling socks [gift from bro-in-law]
Multiple LBS gift certificates [gifts from friends/family]

Red Hind Cycling Jersey $11 at Marshalls
Orange/Yellow Nike Convertible Jersey $7 at Marshalls
Nema Momba Womba Jersey $18 [gift certificate paid most of it - it was a $50 jersey]
DeFeet 'Sofar King Fast' sox. $7
cheap b*stard here..dotkaye
Jul 3, 2003 6:46 AM
Schwinn Paramount PDG - $175 used, plus $0 in upgrades which just used stuff lying around the garage
Patrick shoes - R75, about $40 at the time, in 1987
old running T-shirt, on hot days a Coolmax T from a triathlon
Shorts - never more than $20
Socks - bought 10 pairs for R10/pr, about $1/pr
Helmet - Bell Forza, $25 on sale
Sunglasses - Bolle AttakII w/ prescription inserts about $200 but I already had these for running, so can't count the whole $200, right ?

Check the UK sites for the Sidis, also Nashbar had some on sale recently for about 40% off. Otherwise just buy them. Parsimonious inclindations aside, I'll spend as much as is necessary. If the Sidis are the only shoe you can find that doesn't hurt, you need them. Better $200 on shoes than $20 000 on hospital bills because the stress you couldn't relieve by riding gave you a heart attack..
Keep looking. You'll find same fit for under $100. nmjtlmd
Jul 3, 2003 6:55 AM
re: Poll with ulterior motive - How much $ is your daily gear?off roadie
Jul 3, 2003 8:08 AM
Hmm, I guess it varies, since I have multiple bikes, shoes, etc.

Bike- most of them built up or heavily modified. Say $500 for road or commute (used stuff, self built), $1500 for full suspension MTB (new bike with lotsa replacement upgrades)
Shoes- $80 Deadoras, $10 for closout Specialized. I prefer the Deadoras, but its nice to have a backup and the Specs are actually very comfy, especially for casual rides.
Shorts and shirts- a few sets, maybe $20-30 per piece of clothing. I'm seriously considering some pricier shorts.
Helmet- $30 when new, now almost worn out (not impacted, just dinged, faded, frayed)
Bag, tools, etc- Myabe another $50 - $100

I probably spend more than that, actually. As time goes on, I worry les about it. The good stuff lasts longer and is nicer to use. I'm looking for a new helmet, and $60-$100 doesn't seem unreasoable after wearing a marginal lid for three years running.

Same goes for shoes- when it comes time to replace them, I'll buy a nice pair that will LAST, and feel good for the whole lifetime of thier use. Cost won;t really be an issue, though that doesn't mean I'd turn my nose up at nice $50 shoes. Mostly they just have to fit- my size limits my selection a great deal.

Funny thing about clothes. I don't even buy t-shirts as casual aparel any more- I only buy wicking fabric. It is so humid in Minnesotta, they make sense even as daily wear.

That said, I don't see why you shouldn't get the SIDI shoes. If you do any regular milage, you will wear out lesser shoes in a few years. The SIDIs should last a longer, sop the expense diffrence is not so big as it seems. If you can't justify the extra $100, save the money somewhere else; brown bag your lunch for amonth, for example.
re: Poll with ulterior motive - How much $ is your daily gear?jujigatami
Jul 3, 2003 11:21 AM
I really thought I was the bargain hunting king...

Tommasso Siccilian Bike $649
Speedplay X3's 79.99
Speedplay coffe shop covers 9.99
Koobi Silver Saddle 64.99
Sigma Sport BC1600 computer with cadence 19.99
Diadore Elite shoes 27.99
Bell Ghisallo Helmet 44.99
Voler shorts 29.99
Voler Jersey 19.99
Thorlo socks 5.99
PI Gel Lite gloves 34.99
Topeak max pump 9.99
Topeak saddle bag 14.99
Crews Metal Triwear safety glasses 8.25 (AWESOME GLASSES!!)
2 Bottle holders 9.98
2 bottles free from last charity ride.

971 total

I suppose you could add in the stuff like tube and patch kit etc, that might add 30 bucks or so.

You deserve whatever you want, but are they really worth the cash? I'm thrilled with my Diadoras, I put a custom made insole I have had for years in them (and I still use it in my sneakers so I didn't include that in the total) and they fit like a dream.
you deserve any shoe that fits!_rt_
Jul 3, 2003 11:54 AM
on a typical day:

Trek 5200: ~$2000 (through various sales, pro-deals, & "buddy-deals")
jersey: $45 (whatever's clean)
shorts: $35 (voler)
sports bra: $25
defeet socks: free
sidi dominators: free (b-day present)
orthodics for sidi shoes: $450 (ouch!!)
PI white line gloves: $25
Bolle sunglasses or Oakley sunglasses: free (team deal/swag)
Giro Pneumo helmet: $60 (team deal)
spare tube: $2.50 (Performance sale)
Park multitool: $15 (shop discount)
2 CO2 cartridges: $2
2 waterbottles: free (probably from 1 race or another)
cateye computer: $15 (shop deal....i think)

grand total: $2674.50

ouch!! i don't even want to think about how much all of that stuff would have cost if i hadn't worked in a shop or gotten deals through club sponsors!