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Pain all the way up the arm(1 post)

Pain all the way up the armyellowspox
Jul 2, 2003 8:44 AM
I did a 60 mile club ride last Sunday and rode the last 25 miles of rollers with one arm. I've had ulnar nerve surgery at the elbow and got used to some numbness in the left hand but never the pain like I had Sunday (lasted for two days). Monday I visited my doctor to be sure it was just the arm and had nothing to do with the heart. He tells me it's nerve restriction in the wrist to two different nerves and wanted to send me to a specialist. I told him that surgery wouldn't be an open option at this time and I had to finish the cycling season. He laughed and gave me a wrist splint to wear at night and while riding and said we'd talk again in two weeks. Although it's a pain-in-the-butt to wear riding, it beats the pain in the arm and does seem to work. I do vary my hand position while riding and have made a few minor adjustment to the seat angle which helps a bit. I'm sure others have been through this. What have you done to keep riding and what can be done to eliminate the surgery option?