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Trico Ironcase...what prevents damage from the wheels, etc?(4 posts)

Trico Ironcase...what prevents damage from the wheels, etc?FTMD
Jul 2, 2003 8:28 AM
I want to buy a travel case for a trip this month, and then one next year. My question is, from looking at the website, that you throw the wheel in the top of the case and the frame in the bottom. What prevents the axels, cassettes, etc., from gouging the frame to death? Do those of you that use this box pack everything up with foam? What tips do you have for safe, scratch free, travel? Thanks in advance.
Take the skewers out of the wheels . . .ms
Jul 2, 2003 8:35 AM
I forgot to do this once and learned my lesson the hard way. The box comes with three layers of foam -- two layers for the exterior sides of the case and a layer to insert between the frame and the wheels.
Just unpacked my Trico yesterdayPaulCL
Jul 2, 2003 9:05 AM
No scratches, never any problems.

As the other poster said, there are three layers of thick foam to cushion and hold everything in place. I went to the hardware store and bought about 6 feet of foam pipe insulation ($3.00) which went onto my frame. The wheels then sit cassette side up on the next layer of foam. I always put a rag/towel between the two wheels. LEave the tires on and deflate them a bit.

The Trico comes with explicit directions on packing the bike. In four trips with my case, I have never had any problems.
Just unpacked my Trico yesterdayFTMD
Jul 2, 2003 11:20 AM
Thanks to both of you. You made it easier to drop the coin on such an item. Thanks.