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Collision with J's Surly(5 posts)

Collision with J's SurlySpecialTater
Jul 2, 2003 7:00 AM
I failed in my attempt to take down "the tank" and paid dearly last Saturday on our SaDist ride. 50 miles into a 78 miler (for was 75 into a century for J) I rounded a corner on J's wheel. I stupidly half-wheeled him as we both stood for a short climb. I went down hard onto the pavement and shoulder. A little road rash, nice hip bruise, minor concussion and cracked helmet. Bike damage = lots of scratches, a twisted stem and a nicely oval rear wheel.

The worst part is "K" who was riding on my wheel hit my bike and went down too. Neither she nor her bike had a scratch, thank goodness.

Everyone on the ride was really nice and supportive (but mysteriously stayed far away from me for the last 25 miles ;). J2 trued my wheel and J straightened my bar/stem while I washed out the gravel. Pretty impressive field wrenching by both (to me at least).

Specialized has a great crash replacement policy. I'm due a new helmet in a few days. I'll post about it when received.

MIlestones on this ride:
My longest ride (78 miles)
My first road crash
1000 road miles rolled
A lesson in pacelining learned the hard way

That Surly is a beast!
To take out the (Pea) Green Monster,...Dale Brigham
Jul 2, 2003 9:31 AM
... it would take am M-1 armor piercing round direct hit to dent that beast or even to deflect it off its trajectory.

Sorry about the mishap. I did that same maneuver many times before I swore off overlapping wheels. Call me a chicken, yes, but count my elbow and knee scars first.

poop green=no crash policyJS Haiku Shop
Jul 2, 2003 1:50 PM
[knocking wood over here]

note that i've taken the week off, on a lark. i have the days to burn.

two things to remember: we all learn at some time, and that was your time. K should have been more attentive. you did no wrong. the best way to learn is to break something, then fix it. now your bike has character. chicks dig scars.

second, after that incident, you were (and probably still are) the safest, most considerate, #1 careful person for the rest of that ride. it takes a little blood and skin loss, but it's a price worth paying. you and mr. TNSquared are running a strange parallel. he wrecked taking a corner too liberally a couple weeks ago. you lost far more blood. his was cooler to watch. you lose points for presentation.

bonus: (third) when you feel a little rubber (no bad humor please) on your rear, stay steady and keep pedaling 'til it's gone. then, and look back, and come to a slow stop. that sick sound of alloys & pavement is a sure indicator you have once again averted disaster.

extra bonus: (fourth) if you want to avoid major road rash, stay at the front all the time. especially after 50 miles into a very hot & humid ride with short stops. i'd already bridged twice to J2's 30 mph attempt at the next rest stop, and was toast. i knew that if i didn't stay at the front, pulling you guys, i'd be a hazard at the back.

moral of the story: hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. mostly porters, if they suit you. speaking of suits, i have a suitcase of bud light at the house. ;)

shall we expect you tomorrow night? the ride start loc has changed due to the fireworks display tomorrow eve. contact me for more info if you don't have it already.


ps: for the record, shake if off and keep riding. nobody (read this twice) will think again about saturday's grav-check. it happens to all of us, at least 3x. if anything, we all respect your abilities more now.

btw. you're missing a good suffer-fest saturday (and sunday).

even strangerTNSquared
Jul 2, 2003 2:16 PM
Tater did his longest ride ever -- 78 miles -- and crashed.

I did my longest ride ever -- 78 miles -- and crashed (granted the next day).

Perhaps you are working your domestiques too hard? :-0!!

Tater and I also both crashed on the mtb ride last week - just call us Team Klutz!
re: Collision with J's SurlyJ2
Jul 2, 2003 6:11 PM
wish i was there to see the crash, hate missing a good wipeout. you knocked that rear wheel out of whack pretty good. but seriously, listen to J, don't sweat the wipeout, EVERYBODY crash's and burn's, it's like a right of passage, you just messed up rubbing wheels with one of the strongest riders out there in J, you gotta go for the riders smaller than you, not bigger!