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Seatpost question(4 posts)

Seatpost questionPatM
Jul 2, 2003 3:40 AM
I currently have two bikes a KHS aero comp which I ride most of the time and a CAAD 3 which I race(when I race) on. I was looking to start riding the CAAD 3 a bit more long distance and my position on the bike never really has been a problem for the distances I do on it. However I am starting to try and fine tune my position on the CAAD and wanted to get my seat back further, my KOP is about 3/4-1 forward and my seat is already all the way back. I got a Thompson seat post with my build kit(elite type) very straight. I was looking at changing the seat post to maybe a Richey WCS/new pro, is this going to give me the setback I need or should I look into the Thompson setback post ? Any feedback would be great.
Jul 2, 2003 4:53 AM
The Thomson setback post will give you about 1.5cm more setback, but other posts will give you 2cm or a bit more.

To maintain a 2-bolt model, I would look at the ITM Millennium in aluminum or carbon fiber. This post will definitely provide over 2cm of additional setback. has the carbon version for about $90.

Keep in mind that as you move the saddle back, the reach to the bars is increased and a shorter stem may be in order. I use knee to elbow overlap as a guide. With the hands in the drops and the upper back horizontal the knees and elbows should not overlap. If you crouch real low, the knees may hit the back of the arm, above the elbow. This is unavoidable.
Reasonable suggestions...djg
Jul 2, 2003 7:29 AM
I'd add that the Look ergopost has a tremendous amount of fore-aft adjustability. You may not need it, but if you're unsure where you want your saddle, this post will probably give you plenty of range within which to hit the spot.
re: Seatpost questioninnergel
Jul 2, 2003 5:44 AM
You might check out the Easton EC70. It's got a lot of setback, even more than the Thomson setback, and does a great job of vibration dampening.