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Colnaga C40 not made in Italy?(8 posts)

Colnaga C40 not made in Italy?gsxrawd
Jul 1, 2003 11:46 PM
I heard a rumor that stock sized C40's are made in the East (Asia)?
Is this true or false?
re: Colnaga C40 not made in Italy?Smeagol
Jul 2, 2003 4:33 AM
I have heard a rumour too that some Colnagos are not made in the Colnago factory in Italy. I think it is just that though, a rumour. I am sure Colnago would save a lot of money by contracting them out, but it seems to me they have a lot to lose by doing so in terms of name respect.
Is the Pope Catholic?boneman
Jul 2, 2003 2:25 PM
That would be news and why would they do so? Have their reputation soiled by some crap product? Current C40 production's about 3,000/year. Okay, high but not exactly mass produced. That's about 15 per working day. Remember, this is a prepare tubing and lugs, glue, set in jig and bake job. Probably the same amount of time taken in painting. Giving the waiting times, Colnago's at maximum capacity with a backlog. Why bother outsourcing? Anybody in finance or manufacturing out there and doing business in Italy with this size privately held, small family business? It doesn't happen.

Colnago has a marketing and development program with Ferrari. Decent sources have indicated that Ferrari's actually the fab shop for the lugs and why not? European coverage of F1 is non stop and so much of the cars is carbon. JHR mentioned Belgium for tube sets. Fact or fancy and no disrespect but who's doing the tube production as I don't buy it.

The US distributor trying to keep people from buying them from overseas. It's all about margin. If buyer's are not willing to arbitrage trade differences, even after import duty and shipping, they are then born to buy retail and pay list. JHR's right on the envy bit.
belgium tube source comment was Ernesto himselfjhr
Jul 3, 2003 4:41 AM
in an article in one of the major magizines, celebrating the tenth aniversary of the C40.

NO!! NO!!jhr
Jul 2, 2003 5:21 AM
The carbon tubes themselves come from Belgium. Lugs are made in house, and assembly is done in house. Almost all other carbon tubes (ie Deda and Columbus) come from the far east (quality seems to be on par though).

Interestingly Colnago is one of only two bicycle manufacturers to receive ISO 9000 certification (Orbea is the other). While this may not in itself make Colnago the best, it certainly indicates they have nothing to hide when it comes to manufacturing processes. I have owned several Nag's and find their quality second to none.

Like any successful company a percentage of people are resentful of them. Because Colnago is so successful they are the subject of in infinite amount of rumor, speculation and flat out lies.

I think that LFR posted something about thislampshade
Jul 2, 2003 5:55 AM
a while ago. She said that Colnago outsources some frames that are meant for sale in less affluent markets. This allows Colnago to have a presence in markets where no one is going to spend upwards of 1,000 usd on a bicycle frame (developing countries/countries that may never develop).
I think that the moral of her story was to verify the frame's serial # when buying a Colnago from a questionable source like ebay.
Sounds likejhr
Jul 2, 2003 10:38 AM
Trial-tir trying to keep people from buying 'Nags from overseas.

outsourcing only really makes sense at large volumes. Colnago produces approximately 16,000 frames a year, while a lot for a small builder, thats nothing compared to Trek or Bianchi.

in the 80's there were rumors of Mexican made Colnago's. like so many other Colnago rumors they were untrue.

until somebody shows me one of these mystery colnago's, or its confirmed by a reliable source (ie someone who has seen such a bike, not a friend of a friend) i for one will not consider them anything more than rumors and hearsay.

re: Colnaga C40 not made in Italy?dawgcatchr
Jul 2, 2003 2:48 PM
I can say that my second-hand purchased Dream Plus sure does have a cheap paint job. I get rock chips every other ride, and the different colors ran together while painting the thing. It hardly looks like a Colnago (I have also had a Tecnos, 2 Dreams, and a CT1, and they have all had flawless, first-rate finishes). Maybe it is just hard to believe that a Colnago made in Italy could look as crappy as mine, therefore the rumours about them being made elsewhere.