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post rally numbness - sensitive content, or lack thereof :-)(3 posts)

post rally numbness - sensitive content, or lack thereof :-)innergel
Jul 1, 2003 2:53 PM
This past weekend, I rode a hilly 78 miler in warm, humid weather in Texas. I also was riding on a two week old saddle (Fizik Pave) that had maybe 5 rides on it, but was breaking in nicely. During the rally, I felt the normal twinges and numbness in my groin. I have done a bunch of these rallies, so these aches and pains are not uncommon and go away with a little standing and position changes during the ride. Pretty standard stuff, for me at least.

At the 64 mile mark, as I was leaving the final rest stop, I stepped down to attempt to clip into my left pedal and my foot slipped off. This slip resulted in a rather painful collision between the nose of the saddle and my 'prostate area' or 'taint' if you know what I mean. After catching my breath and getting going again, the pain subsided and I was able to finish.

When I finished the rally, my whole 'area' was numb. This numbness has usually subsided within a few hours, but not this time. It has been almost 72 hours and I still cannot feel my most manly of appendages. You could probably slam it in a car door and I wouldn't notice. Needless to say, this is making me, as well as my wife, very nervous, as we both have use for this appendage in the future :-)

I have read as much literature as I can find on this subject and everything essentially says to 1. stay off the bike until all is well (usually within a week) and 2. go see a urologist. I am doing both of these things.

My main question is this, has anyone else experienced this, and, if so, what was your recovery time? I am dying to get back in the saddle :-), but do not want to risk further damage by returning too soon.

Any comments are appreciated.
Similar injury in another activity...took awhile, but it's OKcory
Jul 1, 2003 4:09 PM
Several years ago, I was helping put a roof on a volunteer fire station and slipped down with one leg on each side of a rafter. Gave me a hell of a whack in the taint. No problems (other than pain) at the time, but the numbness developed later that day and persisted (scary!) for, I forget, two or three days. It's apparently a fairly common symptom in those kinds of injuries--the pudendal(??) nerve runs through there. In my case it went away as the swelling went down and relieved pressure on the nerve (that was the doctor's guess, anyway). Of course there's always the possibility of real nerve damage, which is unsettling, and I'd be seeing the weenie doc.
Bruised nervefiltersweep
Jul 1, 2003 4:58 PM
No need to freak out or worry- it should take a few days- no longer than a week. It is just a bruised nerve- NOT a circulatory or other potentially dangerous/permanent situation (although it is scary... it really isn't a big deal). Just don't think about it too much.

You really don't need a urologist unless it persists. This happened to "someone I know"- he didn't exactly stay off his bike, but he readjusted the saddle and never had a problem again. Just remember it is very temporary... "My friend" could have pounded a nail through his and wouldn't have felt a thing... a few days later (maybe five at the most) he made a full recovery.

Just don't try "using it" while it is numb... it is like having way too many drinks (from what I hear, of course). No need to create unnecessary anxiety- in other words: patience!