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Saddle Recommendations??? *AND* Perineal growth update!(6 posts)

Saddle Recommendations??? *AND* Perineal growth update!aarontoy
Jul 1, 2003 9:08 AM
Hi all. Thanks for the repsonse to my post a couple weeks back regarding the small growth I found in my perineal area. I went to the doc and they thought it was a cyst but sent me for an ultrasound anyway. Did the ultrasound last Thursday and it was inconclusive however they determined no bloodflow to the pea-sized growth and said it was most likely a benign lipoma (fatty deposit). The next day I did a search on perineal lipoma and found a few sites that detail a condition quite specific to cyclists called Perineal Nodular Indurations. Since none of you knew about this condition, I have taken this opportunity to educate you and implore you to check your "stuff" regularly. A short excerpt of an article is copied here: ***** "Perineal nodular induration: the 'third testicle of the cyclist', an under-recognized pseudotumour. Perineal nodular indurations of the cyclist (also called 'ischiatic hygroma', 'accessory testicles', 'third testicle' or 'biker's nodule') seem to be relatively well known by European sports medicine specialists as well as professional or amateur cyclists (the lesion is mentioned in several cyclist-oriented websites), but appear under-recognized among general practitioners and pathologists, particularly in the USA, and have never been discussed, to our knowledge, in a peer-reviewed pathology journal. In summary, we report an additional example of a poorly recognized pseudotumour of the perineal soft tissue sharing some morphological similarities with ischaemic fasciitis. These 'perineal nodular indurations' or 'third testicles' are uncommon and virtually restricted to cyclists, but their incidence might well increase over the coming years, due to the recent infatuation with cycling in the USA." ***** So now, having educated y'all, can someone recommend a good, saddle for me? The one I've been using is a Selle Italia XO that came with my bike. I am looking for a saddle with good support especially in the nose to mid-nose area (that being the area most in contact with the perineum). I have considered the Terry Fly Gel, Selle Italia SLR, and Terry Men's Dragonfly. I'd love a fi'zi:k Aliante but the $181 price is a bit too steep. Ideally, I'd like to stay under $120. Any suggestions? I'm a stocky rider, not quite like Robin Williams but 5'8" and 185 lbs. No fat at all but very dense muscles. Thanks. -Aaron
Last I week I posted a thread for most hated saddle.dzrider
Jul 1, 2003 10:55 AM
Curiously one of the ones I use, a San Marco Era, was among the most despised. Goes to show what my opinion is worth. It hasn't been possible for me or, it appears, others on this board to predict who likes what other than to say that most people eventually get comfy on a Brooks. I'm unsure whether the saddle or the rider breaks in.

You may want to stay away from those that lots of people dislike. If your thighs are real close together, common for stocky people, you may also want to look at saddles that have a thin nose. Sit on as many as you can before you spend any money!
do you have any more detail?KSC
Jul 1, 2003 11:27 AM
Great, another thing to worry about. Do you have any information regarding how saddle fit contributes to this growth? I.e. is there a particular pressure point that contributes tot his problem? Is there more information in the link you found than what's posted? If so could you post the link? Thanks.
More detail...aarontoy
Jul 1, 2003 12:33 PM
The main site I found is this: *** you will need to register which is free in order to view the article. another URL is :

as for the saddle fit question, i really have no idea. at this point i'm just asking lots of questions of people who ride way more than i do (i ride 20 miles during my lunch hour 5x a week) and who have more experience such as by posting on this site. i've also paid careful attention to the way saddles are described and mostly by how they look. also checking out various reviews on saddles with an eye on comfort without going too heavy gram-wise. i'm leaning toward those that have a cutout in the perineal (soft tissue contact area) versus a gel insert. i'm strongly considering the selle san marco aspide arrowhead.
re: Saddle Recommendations??? *AND* Perineal growth update!larryp2
Jul 1, 2003 7:42 PM
the $181 is only for the carbon railed Aliante. consider the titanium railed for $140 or less on eBay?
I ALWAYS recommend KoobiMisJG
Jul 3, 2003 9:33 AM

Check it out. May be just what you are looking for.