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What to wear when riding?(6 posts)

What to wear when riding?globalhelipimp
Jun 30, 2003 11:03 PM
Along with my other two posts (sorry if some consider this spamming, I just have some questions), I'm curious about what everyone wears while riding. my LBS has offered me a pair of C-dale shorts at a discounted price of $45 (orig. $65), and I'm wondering what else I should get.

My pride and joy is the 2003 Lemond Zurich, and I'm trying to match with the red/black paint scheme.

What shorts would you recommend? Anyone tried C-dales before? Where can I find a nice jersey between $20-40? Recommendations?

Do I need more than one pair of shorts and one jersey?

Thanks in advance.
re: What to wear when riding?MJ
Jun 30, 2003 11:51 PM
you needs:

1. cycling shorts/bib (more than one if you ride more than once a week)
2. jerseys (more than one if you ride more than once a week)
3. wicking socks (more than one pair if you ride more than once a week)
4. cycling shoes
5. helmet
6. gloves
7. glasses
8. clip in pedals
9. tools (puncture repair kit etc.)

in the winter you'll need winter versions of most of the above plus a waterproof/windproof jacket

for best prices look at Nashbar and other online cycling sites (alot are advertised here)
re: What to wear when riding?mackgoo
Jul 1, 2003 12:39 AM
Look at performance bike as well as Nashbar. I also hit E bay for old classic jerseys.
I basically get two rides out of a pair of shorts and a jersey before they go in the hamper. The made for cycling clothing is a definate.
re: What to wear when riding?orange_julius
Jul 1, 2003 1:47 AM
The C-dale shorts are nice, I have a pair myself.
Congrats on getting the Zurich! A few months ago
I had to make a close call between the Zurich and a
Look KG 361, and the Look won. Not that there's
anything wrong with the Zurich, but the Look was
on a better discount ;-).

Enjoy your new ride, but if you ride a lot you should consider
getting the whole kit. There's a good reason for them!
re: What to wear when riding?koala
Jul 1, 2003 2:18 AM
Voler red white or blue jersies are 24.95. WWW.
Second Voler <> plus . . .Look381i
Jul 1, 2003 4:55 AM
for excellent discount prices on pro kit, look at and Sign up at Velowear for monthly special offers.

Performance Elite shorts are pretty good for the money, especially if you get them at discount.

More tips:

1. If you find that long rides chafe your nether regions, apply Chamois Butt'r or similar products before each ride.
2. Wash at least the chamois (pad) of your shorts or bibs after each ride.
3. Always air dry your kit. Don't use a dryer.
4. Always wear sunglasses, even if they are clear or yellow for dark days. A bug or debris in the eye can be a real problem at 25 mph.
5. Always wear a helmet, even if riding in your driveway at 5 mph. Falling even in that situation is about like being being dropped on your head from six feet in the air.

Have fun and ride safely.