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Pre/Post 20-mile ride? Tips?(7 posts)

Pre/Post 20-mile ride? Tips?globalhelipimp
Jun 30, 2003 10:28 PM
I'll be picking up my new road bike Saturday, and will then be taking it for an easy 20-mile or so ride.

However, I'm new to road biking and I'm not sure what I should be doing before and after I ride.



What to eat before/after?

If I lift after I ride is that okay?

What exercises should I be doing while out on my ride in order to develop a good stroke, as well as shifting and ride posture?

Thanks in advance.
re: Pre/Post 20-mile ride? Tips?MJ
Jun 30, 2003 11:53 PM
go buy Joe Friel's Training book - that will help alot if you wanna train seriously

mostly you should be trying to have fun and enjoy your ride - you have a lifetime to answer most of these questions
Continue to ride for at least another 80 miles. ;-)MB1
Jul 1, 2003 3:09 AM
Just being silly. The best I can tell you is that cycling is pretty easy and folks often over-analyze it.

Warm-up? Just start out easy for the first 15 minutes or so gradually picking up the pace untill you are at an effort that you think you can maintain for the rest of the ride. Shift on the uphills as soon as your cadence starts to drop-better to shift too early than too late.

Cool-down? Great idea! Just do the reverse of your warmup.

What to eat before/after? For a 20 mile ride hydration is probably more important than food. Just don't start out hungry and you ought to be fine.

If I lift after I ride is that okay? Another good idea as long as you don't over do it or work the muscles that you used cycling. Don't forget to recover the next day.

What exercises should I be doing while out on my ride in order to develop a good stroke, as well as shifting and ride posture? Experiment with a variety of pedaling cadences and riding positions - to develop skill pedal faster, to develop strength pedal slower. On moderate hills try to pedal up one seated and the next one standing (you will likely want to be in the next harder gear while standing). Pedal down hills in the easiest gear you can still feel resistance with (to develop pedaling skills). Try to increase the cadence that you are comfortable with-don't just slog away in some hard gear thinking you are getting a better workout.

Fool around on your bike and learn what works for you. In a few months you too can reply to posts like this with good advice.

Good luck and welcome aboard.
20mi isn't muchcyclopathic
Jul 1, 2003 4:59 AM
takes ~1-1.25, so it is about what you'd get on 6-8mi MTB ride. No special food needed just stick with H2O. Warming up takes about 15-25min, cooling down another 10-15min. To develop stroke do one legs, spin ups in easy gear on flats/downhills good luck
assuming you have not been riding mtb muchbigrider
Jul 1, 2003 5:21 AM
then I agree with all the advice you have been given plus a little philosophy I would like to give as encouragement.

20 miles is a whole lot when you first start to ride and a short little ride when you become experienced, it is all perspective.

Don't ride for speed when you start, ride for miles. What I mean is it takes around 500 miles to build up a base and you need that base. Just ride 20 miles a ride three or four times a week. Stretch the length of your rides by 5 miles a week ( or maybe just one ride each week make longer).

Work up to that 500 mile mark, say it takes 8 weeks and then write in again.

If you are going 20 miles or less, you don't need food just liquids, 2 24oz bottles should be enough. Just make sure you have eaten in the last four hours before you start. Anything over 30 miles you probably need to start thinking about intaking calories during the ride.

Get with another cyclist that is experienced and pick their brain. Learn the smart way not by buying crap that doesn't work and then throwing it away. Talk with several experienced cyclists and ask them the same questions. If everyone gives the same answer to your question, use it as gospel. If the answers differ greatly realize it may be a subjective subject.
Eat during ridesDCP
Jul 1, 2003 5:51 AM
This may not be too relevant to a 20 mile ride, but eating during rides is important. Often you will not feel hungry while you are riding, but you will feel it later when you run out of fuel. Powerbars and the like are popular, although personally I can't stand the things and will usually take cereal bars. Probably less effective, but it sure tastes better.

I usually only lift upper body if done after a hard ride, even the day after. Not sure if there is any science to my method.

Hope you enjoy riding.
Jul 1, 2003 9:38 AM
Stretch after the ride. While riding, initially concentrate on a relaxed upper body and keep your cadence 90+ rpm. Keep it light and easy the first couple 20 milers.

Most of all, have fun!