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Opinions on Fraser and Threshold(6 posts)

Opinions on Fraser and ThresholdCARBON110
Jun 30, 2003 3:12 PM
I think Gord is a weenie for the lawsuit but Theshold is just as lame for trying to prohibit his entry to Wachovia. Thoughts?
re: Opinions on Fraser and ThresholdIan
Jun 30, 2003 5:00 PM
I do not know. I might have to side with Gord on this one. The way I read the challenge, Threshold would award $250K to any rider winning four certain races. Nicole Reinhart died during her race in which she was up for the prize. Threshold then cancelled the mens race. And then donated the $250K to start a foundation for her. While I do respect Threshold for doing that, from what I have read, the challenge was "any" racer. Which would include the women and the men, and mean they could be on the hook for $500K total. By cancelling the mens race, and not having a make-up race, they never gave Gord a shot at the money. What would they have done had Nicole won her race and then Gord had won his race?

re: Opinions on Fraser and ThresholdBill B
Jul 1, 2003 1:53 AM
Gord had won the first three races of the series and had promised to split the money with his teamates as is the custom if he won the fourth, Threshold cancelled his race thereby elimanting his chance to win the $250K and said that they were going to donate the mens pot to the foundation as well. Threshold should pay Gord 75% of the 250, Gord should then split up the money with his then teammates and donate his cut to the Nicole foundation leaving the choice to keep or donate their cut to his teammates. This makes everybody look good.
re: Opinions on Fraser and ThresholdIan
Jul 1, 2003 4:14 AM
From what I read though, all Threshold donated was $250K. That would be the women's pot. Where is the men's? It seems to me that Threshold did not think this out and realize that if a woman and man each won four races they would have to pony up $500K.

That's how I understand it too...TJeanloz
Jul 1, 2003 7:22 AM
Threshold is now claiming that the total potential bonus was $250k, not $250k each. But at the time it seemed very clear to everybody that both Nicole and Gord were going for a $250k bonus - I believe there's even a Threshold press release that says as much.

I think that Gord has a legit beef here. If I were him, and his teammates, I'd want a shot at the money.
Black eye for Dave Chaunertorquer
Jul 1, 2003 11:22 AM
Like many riders in the NYC area, I've raced with Dave, and occasionally saw him off the bike. He comes across as a nice guy, and deserves much credit for raising the profile of racing in each of the cities where he has promoted events.

Whatever the merits of the lawsuit, however, his decision to exile Gord Fraser appears to be very mean spirited. Threshold should have let their lawyers deal with Fraser's claims in court (or across a conference table, actually). Blacklisting competitors because of financial disputes makes everyone involved look bad. And if Threshold were to use "the lawyers made us do it" as an excuse, they should find new lawyers! If anything, Threshold's banning of Fraser gave his side another tort (injury) to be compensated. And they certainly lost the public relations battle.