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For any VERY big riders(2 posts)

For any VERY big ridersandy02
Jun 30, 2003 12:17 PM
I was on a fairly fast/fun ride with a freind last friday evening and as we crested a large hill for our area. we past this guy on a caad 7 bike he was huge, at least 300lbs. We waved said hi and went on. only a block away we got stuck at a stop sign and he caught back up. When the chance to go came he pulled out first and passed us. We had to wait for another car and then we went. We caught him again pretty quickly we were probably going about 23mph and I was pulling. when it came time for me to rotate I found he had jumped on. I was about to slide in back of my freind when he said he would pull to the next hill. A all of the sudden he surged to front and pulled both of us upto 30mph like it was nothing. Neither of us felt like we were even trying to go that fast. When we got close to the next very short but steep hill he pulled off and we shot up the hill. after going over we decided to slow down tell him thanks for the set up. we almost came to a stop but he never caught up and he couldn't have turned off. anyway if any of you big guys ever pull someone to hill fast enough to send them flying over the top thanks!
Pulling people makes up for slow hills (at least, sometimes) nmFred2000
Jun 30, 2003 4:10 PM