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Maestro-UK and Colnago(10 posts)

Maestro-UK and Colnagoboneman
Jun 30, 2003 12:11 PM
Finally went down to pick up my C-40 from Maestro. Ordered a 2003, B-Stay with non-HP stays and non-current AD-10 paint. The deal was that if Colnago had the frame made, the lead time to complete the paint is six weeks. If the frame's not built, longer. Not only that, in my size 51, they now recommend their compact style frames of which I'm not a fan. Anyway, it took four months and then another few weeks for the components to be all ready.

Drove down to Nyetimber, that's near the Southern Coast of England, between Portsmouth and Brighton, and about 75 not very straight miles from London. Off to a bad start having not run the car since Xmas and had to get AA to replace the battery. Finally got there about 3 hours later.

Mike Perry's one very nice man. We spent the next three hours talking as he built up the frame. He's been in the bike business about 30+ years and has some interesting stories to tell about Masi, Colnago, DeRosa as in Faliero, Ernesto and Ugo. He had a DeRosa Titanio mountain bike that they had built for his wife in the shop. One of a kind and for the old timers at RBR, Patrick Sercu's Superia with original Dura-Ace gruppo including the headset which I've never seen.

Some interesting stuff about Colnago, their US and European dealers, warranty claims, etc. He had about 35+ Colnago frames, mostly C40's with a few Dream's and Master Lites. A few Ciocc's and no Derosa's at this time. Interesting story about the King and where's it made. A mystery even within the industry.

Biggest delay currently in C-40's are caused by the lack of painters. It's such a problem that they're down to producing only 30 a month. Given that they made about 3,000 last year, you can see why there's a wait.

Anyway, got back through rush hour traffic into London and crammed in a short 25 mile ride. Will post a comparison to my Vortex after a lot more miles.

This is the new four bolt ITM stem and front view. Spacer police note that the stack will reduce once fitting is completed.
And about the paintboneman
Jun 30, 2003 12:14 PM
some like it, some hate it, but the only condition I had from the spouse was that it had to have the little man on the top tube, hence the Art Decor paint. Finish is quite nice.
Thanks to C-40 and Duke249boneman
Jun 30, 2003 12:28 PM
C-40 for discussing the Colnago sizing at the smaller end of the spectrum, which is quite different from sizes, 54 on up. After 30+ years and 9 bikes, he get's one thinking about fit.

And Duke249 for giving me a great shot of a 1998 AD10 C40.

I wasn't more than 300 feet into my first ride when a London black cab, a notoriously sceptical bunch, pulled up next to me and Earl's Court Road and started yelling out his window. Turned out he owned a Master Olympic, was a Colnago nut and all he could say was class bike before heading off. The finish does get noticed which I find a bit bizarre as 5 years in London on my Vortex, where I've only seen a few Litespeeds, has gotten no comments except in bike stores.
and the stories?kenyee
Jun 30, 2003 12:51 PM
What did he say about Colnagos, dealers, warranty claims, what he thought about b-stay vs. HP, etc? Curious minds want to know :-)

BTW, did you ever ask if you could get full custom geometry (you specify TT/ST/angle size)? Sounds like their version of custom is any old frame geometry and color they used to make...

Glad your wife approves of the paint job ;-)
and the stories?boneman
Jun 30, 2003 1:06 PM
Colnago is still a great innovator. However, he's getting on and there's no succession plan which is a problem.

Dealers are getting squeezed on margins, nothing new there and the internet's got a lot to do with things. Great for the consumer, in some respects, bad for the LBS/distributors when people go direct. No comment on the US distributor except they're expensive.

He's had very few genuine warranty claims. There are always crash related problems but that's to be expected. Dealing with Colnago has been very easy and assuming availability, fairly quick.

The C-40 evolution, going from the steel prescia fork to carbon and then the B-Stay and now the HP are all about refinement. He views the C-40 as still, the current pinnacle of high-end bikes and Colnago continuing to build practical but cutting edge racing machines.

C-40's are only available in the published geometry regardless of who you are. Has to do with the carbon lugs which are specific to each size.

Yes, spousal approval is key when I now have 4 bikes in a London flat :)
Lovely looking bikeUcannotBsirius
Jun 30, 2003 1:49 PM
Congratulations on a great looking bike. One day I will buy my dream bike and the C40 is currently on the shortlist (not the HP though).

Will have to pop into Maestro when I am next in the South East (I'm in Bristol), sounds like an interesting place to spend some time. Not sure how my credit cards would cope though........
What stem is that?DY
Jun 30, 2003 6:15 PM
Is that the new "Four" stem?

If not what is it?

Yes, it is the "Four"boneman
Jul 1, 2003 12:51 PM
Colnago's been using ITM stems for a while now. It's got the usual Colnago graphics on the side. Instead of the normal ITM insert for use with 1" steerers, Colnago (could be ITM manufactured) has a sleeve that in one position results in about a 75 degree angle and if reversed results in about an 85 angle. They still offer the two bolt Millenium style stem but I have experienced some slippage on one of my two other bikes set up with a Millenium stem.
one suggestion...C-40
Jul 1, 2003 4:21 AM
Try routing the shift cables to the opposite sides of the head tube. This routing totally eliminates the chance of cable rub. You may need a bit of "bikesaver" tape on the downtube to keep the cables from wearing the paint on the underside of the downtube.

I also route all the cables along the front of the bars for greater comfort.

The brake front brake cable can also be shorter, to run just under the stem.

Nice looking paint job. Enjoy the ride.
SWEET ride.Bonked
Jul 1, 2003 10:22 AM
Got my C40 from Mike last November (just in time for the weather to turn to crap!) and am jealous that you are close enough to go see him! Dealing with Mike was nothing but class from day 1; I'd buy another bike from him in a heart beat. I had to wait over 6 months for mine...just be glad your four months ended during the riding season!