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Cheap Frames(2 posts)

Cheap FramesPale-ale
Jun 30, 2003 11:24 AM
I'm a long-time cyclist who 4 years ago moved from mtb to roadbike country and have been enjoying riding hard and often on my old Nishiki racer. Looks like I'm a roadie for good so I'm shopping for a light, snappy road racer in the $1,500 range. Thought about buying used, but don't fully trust on-line transacting. Went to my LBS and rode a half dozen bikes - my favorites were Trek 5200 and Specialized Allez Pro 18, both around $2,500. My wife says no. Now I'm considering Supergo's carbon monocoque Scattante w/ Ultegra, and Colorado Cyclist's alum/carbon "Vector" w/ Dura-ace. Does anyone have experience with these bikes, or comments on the shops? Thanks!
re: Cheap FramesDave Hickey
Jun 30, 2003 12:04 PM
The Supergo carbon is a high quality frame. It's sold under various other names by companies such as EXP and BP Stealth. It's made in Asia by either Martec or Advance Composites. Both have a lot of experience with carbon fiber. I'm not sure about the stem, bars and seatpost. I think they're Supergo's Wayless brand. You'd be getting a good frame, components and wheels. If the bars,stem and seatpost turn out to be junk, they're a pretty cheap upgrade.